In this pandemic time, health workers have been recognized as modern-day heroes. They are on the frontline of defense against the Covid-19 virus.

But among the ranks of health workers in the country, the pharmacists are less recognized for their critical role in healthcare. They seem to be known as mere salespersons who dispense medicines at a drugstore. Not with SEIRYU PHARMACY as it tries to uplift their image.

As they opened their first branch in Quezon City last 2019, Seiryu Pharmacy introduced a different level in the field of medical system, they have this very first VIP Lounge, where they can offer consultation to the customers, as they promote this “extra care” for Filipinos which is basically their main goal. This one of a kind service between them and their customers is truly one of a kind.

“Pharmacists are health professionals specializing in the use of medicines,” says Seiryu Japan Co-Founder and Seiryu Philippines President Cristine May Sy-Kaneko. “They are familiar with the chemical composition and mechanism of medicines, as well as the possible side effects of its usage. They dispense prescriptions and counsel patients on the safe and appropriate dosage of their medicines.”

 Recognizing the important role of pharmacists in helping customers get the best results from their medications, Seiryu Pharmacy boasts of its signature Japanese Pharmacy System. This highlights doctor–pharmacist relationship, where pharmacists address patients’ concerns after they visit the Doctor’s clinic.

According to Seiryu Philippines Business Consultant Eco Castro, it’s a unique concept in healthcare whereas doctors and pharmacists work together for the recovery and wellness of patients.

  “We are proud to claim that Seiryu is the only pharmacy with a VIP Lounge in the country,” boasts Castro. “It is where the patients are given more privacy and personal consultation. We believe that patients’ road to recovery becomes faster if they are in a more caring environment.”


Seiryu is not afraid of the existing giants in the metro and they are not here to compete to any other pharmacy because they believe that medicine is for all. Their number one vision is to serve the people from all walks of life, to give them real care, health care and better care for everyone.

When asked in terms of price points, Seiryu, compared to the others is almost the same, if not, they are lower than the existing ones which they cater for both branded and generics medicines, as per Mr. Eco Castro.

Founded by Japanese philanthropist Harou Kaneko, Seiryu has been operating as a regional pharmacy in Akita City and Yuzawa City, Japan for more than 15 years. Kaneko has over 45 years of experience in building and operating pharmacies in Japan. Today, it already has six (6) outlets in Japan. And it has expanded its operations in Thailand and the Philippines in 2019 and 2021, respectively.

“We provide convenient pharmacy experience to the Filipinos and contribute to the improvement of the Philippine healthcare system,” shares Sy-Kaneko.

She also talks about Seiryu Pharmacy’s Japanese Customer Service called Omotenashi.We want to make every encounter and visit at our pharmacy extra special; for we only want the best healthcare for our customers. We are serious about taking care of their health.”

The Japanese pharmacy continues to partner with medical professionals to provide the customers the best information about their medication.

Seiryu Pharmacy branches are located in Kamuning, Quezon City and at the Centuria Medical Makati.