Organique Acai Premium Blend Supports Breast Health

Although it may seem like a taboo topic, it’s important to talk about maintaining breast health. For women, maintaining breast health is important if we want to take care of our overall health. Just like any other important body part, like our hearts or lungs, we also need to check on our breasts from time to time for different changes. For instance, we may notice that they can be more tender before and during menstruation, or that they are of slightly different sizes. While these are normal, we must also be on the lookout for any warning signs of a health problem, especially breast cancer.

To know if your breasts are healthy, Dr. Mitch Dado, an OB GYN from De Jesus C. Delgado Memorial Hospital, emphasizes the importance of monthly breast examinations, which you can do at home. Just stand in front of the mirror with your top and bra off and use 3 fingers to check for any lumps or bumps. Start from the side, to just before your armpit and collarbone, and move around your chest. Also check for any changes in breast size or shape, particularly if they are swollen, and if there are any changes in your nipples. It’s also best to do it after you take a bath, and 5-7 days after the first day of your period.

It is normal to have hair around the nipples, or to have one breast hanging lower than the other. Itching may also not necessarily mean a breast problem. However, it is recommended to have a checkup with your OB GYN if you feel a hard bump that wasn’t there before, notice pus-like or bloody discharge, or have persistent itching or cracking around the nipples. Dr. Dado also recommends getting a mammogram every 3 years once you turn 40, especially since breast cancer risk increases as you age.

Apart from monthly breast examinations, there are many things you can do to take care of your breasts. First, buy a well-fitting bra, since having an uncomfortable one may cause irritation on your breasts. If you wear nipple tape instead of a bra, especially as summer begins, don’t forget to remove it from time to time to prevent rashes. Most importantly, don’t forget to have a healthy lifestyle. Make sure to eat less fatty and sugary food and avoid smoking, since these can increase your risk for cancer. Also, drink in moderation. A 2015 study also shows that alcohol can increase estrogen, the female hormone, and increase risk for ER-positive breast cancer. In this type of breast cancer, the cancer cells grow in response to estrogen.

To help improve breast health, Dr. Dado also recommends Organique Acai Premium Blend, a food supplement rich in antioxidants, which can help fight free radicals, naturally produced molecules in your body that can increase oxidative stress and risk of cancer.It also helps provide a boost to your immune system and even your energy for the day. Just take one shot glass before breakfast!

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