May Measure Month 2023 aims to promote better heart health

The Philippine Society of Hypertension spearheads this year’s MMM23 campaign alongside OMRON Healthcare and the Department of Health

The intense heat this summer is prompting everyone to take extra caution and look after their health. More people are realizing that besides heat stroke, the heat wave can pose greater risks to those with hypertension, heart ailments and other conditions. The incidence of hypertension alone, which remains a leading cause of death in the Philippines, continues to rise, with deaths linked to it hitting 34,500 in 2020[1]. Cardiovascular diseases, meanwhile, account for a third of deaths in the country, according to the WHO.[2]

Awareness and improved health practices are even more crucial during these times. Keeping track of one’s blood pressure, for one, is important in ensuring a healthy heart.

OMRON Healthcare, a global leader in the field of clinically proven, innovative medical equipment, has been actively campaigning for home blood pressure monitoring in line with its vision of healthier lives for Filipinos. The company has been championing hypertension awareness by making its clinically validated blood pressure monitors more accessible to Filipinos nationwide.

This year, OMRON Healthcare supports the annual May Measure Month (MMM) campaign in the country spearheaded by the Philippine Society of Hypertension (PSH) and the Department of Health (DOH). Using OMRON Healthcare blood pressure devices, PSH will offer free blood pressure screenings and further raise awareness about the dangers posed by elevated BP and hypertension.

Blood pressure screening made more accessible, accurate

Lack of awareness about hypertension and its risks and poor compliance with correct health practices, including inadequate blood pressure control,[3] are just some of the factors behind the continued rise in hypertension cases in the country. To help address this, the MMM campaign encourages Filipinos to get their blood pressure screened with OMRON’s clinically validated blood pressure monitoring (BPM) available in select locations.

The MMM campaign has screened about 5 million people in 100 countries and aims to screen more Filipinos across more municipalities nationwide with the help of local health organizations and volunteers. The campaign, which kicked-off on May 17 in celebration of World Hypertension Day, will run until July 31, 2023.

The MMM 2023 campaign will also teach people about proper blood pressure monitoring to enable them to monitor their blood pressure accurately in the comfort of their own homes. This goal of raising awareness about proper blood pressure monitoring and promoting better health has been at the core of the MMM campaign since it started in 2017. This year, given the opportunities of the hybrid setup, the campaign has empowered people to measure their blood pressure through HBPMs, and the doctors present at the event demonstrated the proper positioning on how to get accurate blood pressure measurements.

“May Measure Month is an opportunity and a reminder for Filipinos to take charge of their health not just this summer but every day. We also hope it will encourage more Filipinos to learn more about the risks associated with hypertension. We want to raise awareness and promote new methods to spread awareness about this silent killer and help people make lifestyle changes that can lead to better heart health,” said Dr. Dolores Bonzon, PSH president.

The data collected from the blood pressure monitoring devices across the different screening sites can be submitted and collected in three ways: 1) physical/ printed forms provided in screening sites, 2) Google forms made by the PSH which can be accomplished online by a volunteer healthcare professional or by the participants themselves, or 3) the patients themselves logging in their measured data at the MMM official website or the MMM mobile app. The PSH encourages the use of the first 2 methods to allow them to keep track of data submitted from the Philippines. These data are used to gather scientific knowledge to help influence worldwide blood pressure screening policies and make screening more widely available globally.

The key to a strong and healthy heart

A major component of the MMM campaign is a trusted and clinically validated home blood pressure monitoring (HBPM). OMRON Healthcare’s BPMs provide accurate data readings and ensure better data tracking to assist users in the proper monitoring of their blood pressure.

OMRON Healthcare’s blood pressure monitoring devices, in particular recent clinically validated ones HEM 7120 and HEM 7121, are equipped with a cuff wrapping guide to assist the user in properly fitting the arm cuff for an accurate and reliable blood pressure measurement. The products’ IntelliSense Technology automatically inflates the cuff to the optimal amount to provide precise results while still being comfortable. If the measured systolic or diastolic pressure is outside the standard range, the Hypertension Indicator feature sends a signal. These features are very important for obtaining reliable readings when blood pressure fluctuates.

“OMRON Healthcare remains committed to improving lives and contributing to a better society, especially since we have reached the 50th anniversary milestone of OMRON’s blood pressure monitors. OMRON has also transformed the way people measure blood pressure, making it simple and accurate for anybody, wherever in the world. Now more than ever, we have to be conscious of our general physical health. This year’s MMM will not just encourage Filipinos to integrate blood pressure monitoring in their lives to detect early signs of hypertension but also inspire them to make the necessary lifestyle changes to achieve better health,” said Yusuke Kato, general manager for OMRON Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd – Philippine Branch (Healthcare Division).

The MMM campaign is a call to action for all Filipinos to take control of their health and work toward a healthier future for themselves and their families. As the world shifts to the new normal, OMRON Healthcare will continue to work with other organizations to promote hypertension awareness and empower Filipinos to achieve better health and an improved quality of life.

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