KonsultaMD clinches gold at DOH Healthy Pilipinas for Partners Awards 2023

KonsultaMD, the country’s leading digital health service provider, has clinched the Gold at the Department of Health’s (DoH) Healthy Pilipinas for Partners Awards 2023. This accolade recognizes the platform’s exceptional contributions towards promoting mental health.

Healthy Pilipinas is focused on raising awareness and improving the overall health and wellness of Filipinos, both physically and mentally. As part of the initiative, the DOH acknowledged various sectors that have made significant public health contributions.

KonsultaMD’s winning entry include the organization of the Philippines’ first-ever mental health concert, “Be Kind To Your Mind.” Featuring artists and mental health advocates such as Ben&Ben, Nadine Lustre, and Curtismith, this groundbreaking concert served as an influential platform for open discussions on the issue, gaining extensive attention and sparking vital conversations nationwide.

Furthering its commitment, KonsultaMD collaborated with artists Kiana Valenciano, Nix Damn P, and Curtismith in January 2023 to release “I Want To Be Here,” a song encouraging anyone struggling with mental health to speak to a loved one or a professional. Available on radio and popular streaming platforms, this anthem sparks a broader conversation about mental health and resonates with those who may be grappling with mental health challenges.

Another key element of KonsultaMD’s dedication to mental health is the provision of accessible services through the KonsultaMD SuperApp. This innovative app offers 24/7 video and chat consultations with mental health professionals, enabling users to seek guidance and support at their convenience.

The need for such initiatives is underscored by Department of Health statistics showing that over 3.3 million Filipinos suffer from depressive disorders. The COVID-19 pandemic further heightened the mental health crisis in the Philippines, underlining the importance of accessible mental health support. KonsultaMD’s efforts have been pivotal in promoting mental wellness throughout the nation.

“Our commitment at KonsultaMD extends beyond providing healthcare services. We strive to ensure the holistic well-being of every Filipino. Receiving this award from the Department of Health is a reflection of our unwavering dedication to addressing the crucial issue of mental health in the Philippines,” said Cholo Tagaysay, KonsultaMD CEO.

This recognition affirms KonsultaMD’s role as a pioneer in the digital health sector, reinforcing its mission to make healthcare accessible, reliable, and affordable for all. The company continues its mission to dismantle barriers in mental health support, extending its reach to more individuals and providing essential assistance.

Aside from mental health, KonsultaMD offers 24/7 access to doctors as well as medical certificates, same-day pharmacy delivery, at-home diagnostics, and nursing care for newborns and the elderly.

For more information about KonsultaMD, visit https://konsulta.md  or download the app on the App Store or Google Play.