Jessy Mendiola stays safe and strong this rainy season with Calcium Cee

THE rainy season has come upon us, and with that comes the need for stronger immunity to fight off seasonal colds and flus. While diet and exercise are always highly recommended to help achieve optimal health, supplements such as Calcium Cee provide another much-needed layer of defense against illness by boosting one’s immune system.

“I strive to stay fit throughout the year, but more so during the rainy days because I know I have to be extra careful against cough, cold, and flu,” says Calcium Cee brand ambassador Jessy Mendiola since the immune systems become more vulnerable to illness as it weakens due to sudden changes in weather and fluctuating temperatures.

To combat this, Jessy makes sure to clock in at least 8 hours of sleep coupled with a quick workout every day. “Upon waking up, I drink lots of water as hydration is very important. I’m not that strict with myself when it comes to my diet but I make sure that I eat in moderation. And on days, when I’m feeling lethargic, I detoxify my body to ‘reset’ it. But, whatever my schedule, I never forget my daily dose of Calcium Cee,” says Jessy.

Calcium Cee is Jessy’s preferred supplement as it nourishes and protects the body with fortified double protection of vitamin C and calcium. These key nutrients are two of the most important and most potent in maintaining a strong and healthy body.

Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant that destroys free radicals that cause diseases, and it’s a powerful immune booster that effectively aids against viral infections. On the other hand, calcium – aside from building strong bones and teeth to combat osteoporosis – strengthens the circulatory system, helping blood vessels and muscles to contract. Calcium also aids in correcting hormone and  mineral imbalances, particularly phosphate and potassium.

“I’m very happy that I discovered Calcium Cee as this trusted brand is perfect for my lifestyle. I don’t like heavy breakfasts either, and since Calcium Cee is non-acidic, I can safely take it in the mornings on an empty stomach,” she adds. As a non-sodium supplement, Calcium Cee does not contribute to the risk of hypertension and heart disease, as well as kidney disease.

“It’s very important to take care of ourselves especially now during the pandemic and with the rainy season. We need to stay healthy for ourselves and our loved ones. And with Calcium Cee, becoming healthier and stronger becomes easy and cost-effective,” she ends.

Calcium Cee is available in all Mercury Drug Store, Watsons,All Day RX, Merry Mart outlets nationwide and Alturas Bohol.

For more information, call the Calcium Cee hotline at 09175644233