Honoring Everyday Heroes for National Blood Donors Month

Blood drive focuses on national need for consistent supply of life-saving blood

This National Blood Donors Month, Cardinal Santos Medical Center joins the global healthcare community under the banner of the World Health Organization’s “Give blood, give plasma, share life, share often,” campaign. For 2023, the hospital focused on educating people and patients on the need for healthcare institutions to have a consistent and sustainable supply of blood donors and blood products.

The hospital also celebrated World Blood Donor Day with a blood drive last June 14, 2023. The drive saw a tremendous turnout of donors from all walks of life. Over 100 local community members, hospital staff and enthusiastic volunteers eagerly offered their support.

According to Fidel H. Tejada, who heads Cardinal Santos’ Blood Bank, even major Metro Manila hospitals are facing a challenge with the growing demand for blood and blood products. “Most of the big hospitals and Medical Centers in the country, private and government, including specialized hospitals are saturated. Our blood centers like Philippine Red Cross and Philippine Blood Center have a hard time keeping up with the blood needs of all these hospitals. This is the reason why we are doing our part on helping in blood collection in our institution.”

The event not only celebrated World Blood Donor Day but also served as a reminder that the act of giving blood is an act of love, compassion, and hope. 

Dr. Marilou A. Abiera, an Obstetrician-Gynecologist and the chairman of Cardinal Santos’ Blood Transfusion Committee stressed the importance of gaining the cooperation of communities. “Patients and their families can support the blood supply by encouraging healthy individuals to donate blood and they can spread awareness about the importance of blood donation within their communities, workplaces and social networks.” She also points out that one person can save up to three lives with one pint of donated blood at minimal cost. “It’s safe, it saves lives and it’s free.”

Blood is needed in critical medical settings like accidents or injuries, surgery, treatments for illnesses like cancer, dengue and anemia and even childbirth. But blood donation doesn’t just benefit patients that need a transfusion as there are several advantages to being a donor. Regular blood donation is linked to lower blood pressure and a decreased risk of heart attacks. In Cardinal Santos, registered donors are also given priority if they ever need to receive a transfusion themselves as long as there is an adequate supply.

With the collective efforts of organizations like Cardinal Santos Medical Center and the unwavering support of donors, the world can continue to beat, one life-saving pint of blood at a time.

“[People] can help by spreading awareness about the importance of blood donation and encouraging others to donate. Additionally, expressing gratitude to blood donors can go a long way in recognizing their valuable contribution,” said Abiera.
Cardinal Santos’ Blood Bank is open every day for those who wish to donate their blood. Those interested in donating blood may call them at 8727 0001 local 4015. For more information about the other programs and services that CSMC offers, please visit https://cardinalsantos.com.ph/. CSMC is also on Facebook, like and follow them at www.facebook.com/CardinalSantos.