Herbalife Nutrition Virtual Run Returns This October

Herbalife Nutrition will stage the second edition of its Virtual Run from October 1 to 31, 2021. Now on its second year, the challenge is part of the premier global nutrition company’s Get Moving With Good Nutrition campaign that seeks to give people the push toward healthy active living.

Sridhar Rajagopalan, Senior Director, Sub-Regional General Manager of Herbalife Nutrition Philippines, said that the Virtual Run is aimed at breaking the health inertia and fostering communities that support one another on their healthy living journey.

“We want to encourage every Filipino to start moving and take the challenge to walk or run a certain distance. Through this initiative, we would like to inspire communities to support one another on a healthy living journey and strengthen their relationships through teamwork,” he said.

Rajagopalan added that this running challenge seeks to continue Herbalife Nutrition’s campaign of promoting a healthy, active lifestyle especially during this time.

Apart from the Philippines, the Herbalife Nutrition Virtual Run 2021 will also take place in Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Last year’s Virtual Run gathered 14,000 participants covering a total distance of close to 600,000 kilometers across Asia Pacific. This year, Herbalife Nutrition aims to achieve bigger and bolder goals in the 11 participating markets. The registration period for this year’s Virtual Run is until October 15, 2021. For more information about how to join and the mechanics of the challenge, visit HerbalifeVirtualRun.com.

 During the online media launch of the Herbalife Nutrition Virtual Run 2021, Rajagopalan shared the following tips on how to prepare for a running routine:

  • Have the Right Running Gear

One of the key preparations in running is having the right running gear. Invest in essential items to make your running journey comfortable. Some of the items that you need to have are a pair of running shoes, distance running socks, and comfortable clothing.

  • Run It Out

 Practice running your actual distance. Don’t forget to schedule one to two rest days a week to allow your muscles to adapt to the increase workloads and efficiently repair themselves.

If you’re new to running or not ready to run yet, start with walking. Once walking for a set time becomes easy for you, start alternating between jogging and walking until you find a comfortable and sustainable pace.

If you’re already an avid runner, start your training by time and not by distance. Run 20 to 30 minutes first and once you can maintain the pace, increase your time. Add cross training to keep your routine fresh, and aim for incremental improvements over time.

  • Use Nutrition as Your Fuel

To boost your performance, good nutrition is needed by your body. Make sure that you have a balanced diet consisting of the right amounts of carbohydrates to fuel your body; protein to repair and rebuild muscles and tissues; and fat, which is an essential energy source. Proper hydration is also important as you need to replenish the fluids lost during a strenuous activity.