First AI-powered Medical Imaging for Cancer Care Comes to Makati

Makati City residents will be the first Filipinos to enjoy the clear, sharp, and efficient medical imaging of the uMI 550, the artificial-intelligence enhanced digital PET/CT system that the Makati Life Medical Center recently acquired.

“True to the promise made by Mayor Abby Binay to Makatizens of providing the best preventive care to its community, the scan’s ability to detect cancer at its earliest stages empowers us to intervene with targeted therapies…Its acquisition signifies a significant step forward in Makati Life’s ability to intervene swiftly and effectively, ultimately improving patient outcomes and saving lives,” said Dennis Sta. Ana, president and CEO of Makati Life.

Makati Mayor Abigail Binay witnessed the signing of an agreement between Makati Life, United Imaging Healthcare, and Operista Friday night. “I was more than happy with the robotic orthopedic innovations at Makati Life. I am now even more excited with this new PET/CT scanner for our Makatizens,” she said.

Makati Life Medical Center is the country’s biggest health-care public-private partnership. It serves as the city’s primary health and emergency care provider. The implementation of this state-of-the-art PETCT scan machine underscores Makati Life’s dedication to providing world-class healthcare services to Filipinos.

“Together, we are not just acquiring a machine. We are investing in the future. It is a future where cancer is detected early, treated effectively, and ultimately conquered,” said Sta. Ana.

The Makati Life CEO said cutting-edge medical equipment was acquired at the prompting of Mayor Binay, who envisions a comprehensive healthcare system for Makatizens.

He reiterated the mayor’s directive to prioritize Preventive, Therapeutic, and Rehabilitative (PTR) Medicine, highlighting the significant role of the scan in early cancer detection and targeted therapy.

“The uMI 550 PET/CT scan aligns perfectly with our mission of providing the best preventive care to our community,” said Dr. Sta Ana. “It represents hope, precision, and progress in the fight against cancer.”

Mr. Paulo Del Prado, of Paeonmed, said, “We take great pride in introducing the advantages of this cutting-edge equipment to the Philippines, enabling healthcare providers to offer improved diagnosis and medical care to our patients…we work towards improving healthcare accessibility and outcomes for all members of our community. Let us unite in embracing innovation and progress for a healthier future.”

Dr. Ju Song Xia, United Imaging’s CEO for its international operations, explained the technical and medical features of uMI 550, which features a unique Integrated Light Guide Digital PET detector, achieving both high resolution and high sensitivity. It is a powerful tool for oncology, cardiology, and neurology scanning.

Mr. Nath, of Operista said, “This state-of-the-art PETCT machine underscores Makati Life’s unwavering dedication to providing world-class healthcare services to Filipinos. It’s a significant milestone in the advancement of healthcare in the region, positioning the hospital as a leader in providing comprehensive and state-of-the-art medical services to the community.”