Fight diabetes with a healthy lifestyle and personalized health solutions

According to data from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), Diabetes remains a major health problem in the Philippines with one for every 14 Filipino adults suffering from the disease. Currently, it is the fourth leading cause of death in the country affecting 4 million Filipinos from its complications.

With deaths from January to November 2021 alone up by 22.4 percent, the number of diabetes cases continues to rise. Projections from the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), an organization comprising more than 230 national diabetes associations in 170 countries and territories, place adult diabetes cases at over 5 million by 2030 and more than 7 million by 2045.

As a result, the lockdowns have negatively impacted the health of Filipinos’ limited mobility and lack of exercise in recent years including diabetes control, according to the Philippine Heart Association (PHA). Decreased activity, in particular, is behind the increase in cases of obesity, which raises the risk of diabetes.

Diabetes, if not managed properly, can cause several health complications, including heart disease, kidney failure, chronic skin conditions, and blindness. Proper treatment, medications, and even a change in lifestyle are crucial in helping curb the progression of the disease.

Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy (AIP), the country’s pioneer compounding pharmacy, joins the country in celebrating Diabetes Awareness Week and enjoins Filipinos to look after their health with its wide range of personalized health solutions for diabetes.

Managing weight to prevent and control diabetes

Obesity cases in the Philippines have been rising these past few years. Today, about  3 for every 10 Filipino adults are obese, and the incidence of obesity is expected to continue rising with the adult obesity increase rate experiencing very rapid growth.

To help Filipinos prevent obesity and decrease the risk of diabetes, AIP offers a portfolio of weight management solutions.

One of these is HCG or Human chorionic gonadotropin, which has been used for decades as part of an intensive diet plan called the HCG Diet. This is designed to help patients lose pounds of collective weight. When used by diabetic patients, it improves their health by breaking down fats to lower cholesterol levels and boost metabolism.

AIP also offers the combination medicine of Bupropion and Naltrexone to help manage weight in obese or overweight adults with weight-related medical problems. For more effective results, this medicine should be complemented by a healthy diet and regular exercise. Pregnant women and patients with uncontrolled high blood pressure, seizures, eating disorders, and opioid addiction are not advised to take this combination of medicine.

Another compounded solution for treating diabetes-related obesity is Topiramate.

For patients suffering from type 2 diabetes, AIP offers L-Carnitine, which helps the body turn fats into energy. This medication also improves brain function, heart health, muscle soreness, and L-Carnitine deficiency.

Treating diabetes-related dermatological problems

Skin problems are sometimes the first sign that a person has diabetes. Skin conditions related to bacterial and fungal infections and itching affect many Filipinos, but people with diabetes are more prone to these.

AIP provides compounded dermatological preparations tailored to a person’s skin type, needs, and preferences.

To help diabetic patients manage wounds and facilitate faster healing of wounds and skin irritations, AIP offers the Tretinoin compounded medication. This is designed to help speed up the life cycle of the skin by replacing older skin.

As high glucose levels can speed up the aging process, diabetes is said to make a patient look older than their age. For this, AIP offers a compounded Vitamin C Serum. One of the best anti-aging nutrients that can provide a smooth and glowy complexion, this medicine brightens and tightens the skin, promotes collagen reproduction, hydrates, and provides antioxidants that help reduce skin radiation.

Boosting the immune system to fight the disease

AIP’s growing portfolio of nutraceuticals serves not only to address nutrient deficiencies but also to strengthen a person’s ability to fight off diseases, including diabetes.

The pharmacy’s compounded vitamin C and zinc solutions cater to underlying health complications related to diabetes such as heart disease, high cholesterol, and skin conditions or chronic wounds that will not heal.

Vitamin C helps boost the immune system and at the same time lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, and uric acid levels. For wound healing, vitamin C aids in the effective functioning of white blood cells and strengthens the skin’s defense system.

Zinc, which is essential for cell growth and division, also fortifies immune function, enzyme reactions, DNA synthesis, and protein production.

Providing better healthcare for Filipinos

AIP hopes to make a difference in Filipinos’ lives by providing access to better healthcare. With preventive measures, a healthy lifestyle, and personalized compounded solutions, AIP believes Filipinos can curb the rising cases of diabetes in the country and improve their quality of life.

AIP works closely with its patients and doctors, taking into consideration factors such as patient age and allergy history in customizing medicines to ensure high efficacy. The pharmacy believes in the pharmacy triad of doctors, patients, and pharmacists to provide superior pharmaceutical care and strengthen patient confidence and compliance.

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