Charo Finds a Partner in Health

“The whole idea that someone you dearly love is not well at the time of COVID-19 is really scary.”

This was what Charo Santos-Concio had to say about her pandemic experience thus far. In the past year, she underwent one of her most trying challenges in her life because her husband, Cesar Rafael Concio, Jr. needed constant medical attention due to an existing health concern.

“I went through a roller coaster ride because my husband’s condition,” she recalls. “You really feel the anxiety, the worry, and the fear that is real. However, it also strengthened my resolve to face these fears and be there for my husband.”

Charo further shared that despite the stresses brought about by the situation, it was important to accept the circumstances, remain calm, and keep up with the flow because life goes on. “We must all learn to adjust to the new normal and we cannot be paralyzed by our fears,” she said. “Kailangan nating harapin yan. Tingnan natin nang mata sa mata. Hindi tayo pwede magpatalo.”

The former media executive attributes her husband’s recovery to God’s grace. She also reiterated the importance of securing one’s health and never take it for granted. “We must all live an active life and take very good care of ourselves. It is equally important to look after our mental well-being as part of living healthier,” she said.

And there’s also the importance of protecting one’s finances. Charo recognizes the importance of having a health protection plan to be financially secure should an illness strike. “Importante sa akin ang sense of security. Importante sa akin that whatever happens to me, I will not be a burden to my loved ones,” she says.

This was a lesson learned after the demise of her father, where the proceeds from his insurance policy kept their family going. This experience taught her to be pragmatic and to embrace of the value of security and peace of mind that an insurance policy brings to the family. “Ayaw mong iwanan ang mga mahal mo sa buhay with uncertainty about their future,” Charo added. “As we work hard for ourselves and our loved ones, we should also put our money to good use by investing it in insurance, health protection, and mutual funds.”

Today, Charo looks forward to living a full life with her loved ones. And while she has retired, she does look forward to taking on interesting projects every now and then. With Sun Life as her partner in health, she and her loved ones are financially protected from life’s unexpected twists and turns. “Having a partner in health can indeed help you lead a brighter life,” she muses.

Just like Charo, you too can secure your future and be financially protected should an illness strike. Know moreabout Sun Life’s Partner in Health campaign by visiting