Unlocking Palawan’s Potential: Kacific’s Satellite Connectivity for Tourism Advancement

Palawan, which is well-known for its breathtaking scenery and thriving tourism sector, has enormous growth and development potential. However, amidst its allure, the region faces a significant hurdle: the lack of reliable internet connectivity. Recognizing this challenge, Kacific Broadband Satellites, Inc. took a proactive step towards addressing this issue through a groundbreaking event held on March 20th, 2024, at Lime Resort El Nido.

The event, led by Kacific and its local Internet Service Provider (ISP) Bambunet, in collaboration with the National ICT Confederation of the Philippines (NICP), El Nido Municipal Tourism Office, and DICT Palawan, aimed to showcase the transformative power of satellite broadband solutions in overcoming the connectivity barriers faced by Palawan’s tourism sector.

Attendees gathered for two insightful sessions. The morning session, attended by Disaster Management Offices and Local Government Units representatives, focused on harnessing technology for disaster preparedness and resilience-building. Esteemed speakers such as Dr. Mary Joy Abueg of NICP, Engr. Virgo Pinangay of DICT Palawan, and Mr. Ferdinand Simbulan of Kacific shed light on the critical role of technology in accelerating digital transformation and enhancing communication capabilities during disasters.

PM session attendees, comprised of tourism enterprises, dove into discussions on sustainable tourism strategies and digital marketing tactics to propel Palawan’s tourism industry forward.

In the afternoon session, dedicated to tourism enterprises, industry experts like Arvin Acosta of El Nido Municipal Tourism Office and Emma Concepcion F. Quillope of DTI Palawan explored sustainable tourism strategies and municipal tourism’s vision for 2024 and beyond and digital marketing techniques. Their discussions highlighted the importance of reliable internet connectivity in revitalizing Palawan’s tourism sector and unlocking its full potential for growth and economic empowerment.

Witnessing the power of CCTV technology firsthand, attendees gained insights into how advanced surveillance solutions can enhance safety and security in Palawan’s tourism sector.

Key to the event was Kacific’s demonstration of a satellite broadband solution with a live demonstration of CCTV technology via Kacific’s satellite internet. This demonstration provided attendees with a firsthand experience of how satellite internet can effectively address the connectivity challenges faced by tourism enterprises in Palawan.

Ferdinand Simbulan, Senior Sales Director at Kacific, aptly summarized the significance of satellite internet, stating, “Satellite internet is more than just technology; it’s a gateway to opportunity, education, and economic empowerment for communities around the world.”

Arvin Acosta, Tourism Operations Officer II at El Nido Municipal Tourism Office, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of reliable internet connectivity in overcoming the hurdles faced by Palawan’s tourism industry. “We know there’s lots to do for tourism, but there are also many difficulties due to the absence of reliable internet. That’s why Kacific is here. These well-organized events serve as a vital platform, fostering awareness of the latest technology and facilitating constructive dialogue on the pressing issues confronting our enterprises,” Acosta said.

The event served as a pivotal moment in highlighting the transformative impact of satellite broadband solutions in bridging the connectivity gap in Palawan’s tourism sector. With Kacific’s innovative technologies, Palawan is poised to embark on a journey towards sustainable growth and development, unlocking new opportunities for its communities and businesses.

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