Teleperformance enables the digital transformation of businesses with TP Talks

Teleperformance, the global leader in outsourced omni channel customer experience management, recently hosted a webinar on digital transformation for businesses to help them optimize their performance in today’s world.

The challenges that arose during the pandemic has accelerated and pushed digitization in the country. According to a report by Epson Philippines entitled “SMEs striving for Digital Transformation Amidst Many Hurdles,” eight out of 10 SMEs in the Philippines already see the value of digital technology, especially when it comes to improving their business performance and customer experience.

In the exclusive webinar entitled, TP Talks,guest speaker Joanne Avendano, Head of GCash Customer Experience Management, talked about how the digital wallet provided safe and relevant financial services through a cashless ecosystem during the pandemic. Meanwhile, Teleperformance Philippines unveiled its array of digital solutions to help local companies adapt to the challenges of the new normal.

 Maintaining high quality customer experience

 Teleperformance Philippines shared how its digital business solutions suite has helped brands accelerate their digitization journey during the lockdown. Many businesses and consumers went digital – performing tasks such as paying bills, transferring and sending money, shopping, and more from their homes. This created an entirely new customer journey experience that resulted in an increased demand for agents. One way to mitigate this is to design digital first, low effort experiences that place the convenience of the customer as priority, At the same time making it easy for them to reach a live agent for complex and difficult interactions.

Teleperformance’s Voice2Messaging solution can link the service to any messaging or social media application of your choice using an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) that effectively gathers information and routes calls. When a customer calls customer service and there’s a queue, the IVR Bot will provide the customer an option to chat with an agent to get real time support. If the customer agrees, the IVR Bot will send a message to the customer on their messaging app of choice.

This service can even be linked to TP Chatbot to support and contain simple customer demands. For complex interactions, the bot can gather information before handing the interaction over to an agent. Solutions like these can vastly improve the customer journey experience by boosting productivity of agents while decreasing handle time and chat containment rate.


Taking this one step further is Teleperformance’s TP Client, an internally-developed customer relationship management (CRM) tool that helps integrate all touchpoints into 1 view. This makes it easier for businesses to track, resolve, and flag interactions as they go through the resolution journey by giving them an overview of all customer touchpoints. It also allows customization of workflows to better integrate frontline and back office interactions.

Another way to receive more data, which can help fuel a company’s digital transformation is the use of a powerful analytics solution like Teleperformance’s TP Interact. Teleperformance provides the latest interaction technology and a team of dedicated interaction experts who can collect data for your company from multiple channels and analyzes these to look for patterns and insights that can be helpful in decision-making and interventions and improving overall performance, leading to increased customer lifetime value.

Increasing employee productivity

With increased interactions is the need to improve on productivity. The reality is that agents often need to navigate across multiple screens and work through manual processes that take time and attention away from the customer. Next-gen robotics are good investments for businesses looking to improve the efficiency and accuracy of repetitive processes, enhancing overall productivity. Teleperformance’s Robotics Process Automation (RPA) does this by automating end-user actions and reducing manual processes by 65%, which results in improvements in new agent productivityby 20%, up to 30% cost reduction, up to 35% error reduction, while providing fraud protection via IVRS-TPIN integrated solution & audit management.

Transitioning to remote work setup
The continuing pandemic forced many organizations to operate from a work-at-home setup to help ensure the safety of their employees. To help businesses make that transition to remote work, Teleperformance Philippines launched TP Cloud Campus, a workforce platform that allows home-based interaction experts to work from anywhere in the world while remaining connected virtually to their Teleperformance team through one of the Cloud Campus Hubs. Clients can also interact with their Teleperformance work teams anytime by visiting the Cloud Campus Hub, thereby allowing them to effectively manage remote work.

Through TP Cloud Campus, Teleperformance has built a fully integrated digital journey, from the application process to the first day in operation as a Teleperformance employee. Recruitment steps are digital, training is enhanced with virtual training rooms specially designed to increase training experience with remote teams, collaborative spaces to increase social and development career paths. All managers are also trained and experienced on managing remote teams.

Through its suite of solutions, Teleperformance Philippines remains committed to being the partner of Philippines companies in search of digital solutions which would allow them to harness the advantages of new technology in an era of rapid digitization.

“Technology is an amazing tool available to us. Along with data analytics, continuous process improvement, any business, big or small, can harness the potential of AI, automation, bots, data mining, gamification, and all these fun and wonderful tools to continue innovating for customers. We have all these right now, and the Philippines can lead in this innovation game as we have both the high-tech and high-touch skills that is highly valuable in the new economy,” shared Mike Lytle, Chief Executive Officer of US, Canada and Philippines.

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