Sustainable Investing is no longer just a trend for Filipino Investors

A new buzzword in the local wealth management landscape, ‘sustainable investing’ is an investment discipline that considers the social and environmental footprint of such corporations on top of financial performance and returns. UnionBank Private Banking Group commits to invest in inclusive, ethical, and socially responsible progress for the long-term and believes that sustainable investing presents an exciting investment opportunity. The group recognizes the need to educate and bring awareness to investors to shift their mindset on sustainable investments and highlight it as a worthy and vital investment outlet to consider.

According to a study published in early 2021 by Lombard Odier and UnionBank Private Banking together with Lombard Odier’s other strategic alliances in the region, Filipino ultra-high net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) are slowly starting to consider sustainable investments when making investment decisions. This remains consistent with the other UHNWIs in the Asian region with more than 50% of respondents agreeing that there will be a strong and accelerated climate change response once the COVID-19 pandemic has ended.

The results of the study were distilled in a whitepaper “Connection, Transition, Transformation: Engaging Asia’s UHNWI in the New Normal”,where the idea was further expounded, noting that 89% of the participants believe that the sustainability trend is here to stay. As a result of the pandemic, UNHWIs are starting to rethink the values on how they invest and the impact of their actions toward the environment and society.

In view of this, there is a need for stronger conversations on the importance of sustainability aimed at Filipino UHNWIs, and private banks are uniquely positioned to facilitate these conversations effectively.

Sustainability is part of the core values of UnionBank. In line with its “Tech Up Pilipinas” advocacy, the Bank has always been committed to helping create positive change in society not only through industry-leading digital solutions aimed toward inclusive prosperity, but also through various sustainability initiatives that benefit the community and the environment.

UnionBank’s commitment to sustainability is also evident in the services that it offers to its Private Banking clients. UnionBank Private Banking has a line-up of events and related activities to further drive and establish sustainability in investments in the Philippines. Together with Lombard Odier, a leading global advocate for Sustainability, UnionBank Private Banking is dedicated to helping its clients grow and manage their wealth by unlocking possibilities for them in ways that are environment-friendly and socially conscious.

“In a country that is considered one of the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, sustainability should be an important consideration when it comes to investments. UnionBank Private Banking aims to localize and pioneer sustainability in investments in the Philippines. We are committed to guide and navigate our clients through the sustainable investing landscape and lead the Sustainability revolution in the local market. ” said UnionBank Senior Vice President and Head of Private Banking Atty. Arlene Agustin.

“We are living in an economy that is unsustainable in the way people consume, produce, and organize their lives. It is crucial that we transition towards an economic model that is Circular, Lean, Inclusive and Clean – we call this the CLIC™ economy. At Lombard Odier, we see this shift accelerating. For example, we see companies pledging to achieve net zero emissions, and markets are pricing in the transition to a net zero emissions economy. This shift is also creating major investment opportunities and for investors, this means aligning portfolios to the climate transition,” said Lombard Odier’s Limited Partner and Chief Executive Officer for Asia, Vincent Magnenat.

“As active investors, we are firmly convinced that sustainability will not only be a key driver of long-term returns, investing in sustainability will be the greatest driver of superior returns. We are proud that UnionBank of the Philippines, which is in a strategic alliance with Lombard Odier, shares this vision. For both UnionBank and Lombard Odier, we believe that as partners to our clients, this means we guide our clients in managing the risks and take advantage of opportunities,” Magnenat added.

The study conducted by Lombard Odier and UnionBank Private Banking together with Lombard Odier’s other strategic alliances in the region has shown promising results from engagements with more than 150 of Asia’s UHNWI.The four main areas of interest of the UHNW clientele are focused on: Family Services, Sustainability, Investments, and Technology. It is highlighted in the area of sustainability that the shift towards sustainable investing has already begun. With some apprehensions, normally found in transitions, there are already good developments wherein investors are looking more into the operations of the corporations they are investing in. UnionBank Private Banking commits to continuing this positive change for the people, the economy, and of course the environment.

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