Sun Life Recertified for 2023 as a “Great Place to Work” Company

Sun Life Philippines (Sun Life) is once again recertified as a “Great Place to Work” in 2023 after 85% of its  employees affirmed their overall positive employee experience with the company. 

The results came after Sun Life’s employees responded to an independently conducted survey by Great Place to  Work®, the global authority on workplace culture. The outcome of the survey shows that 93% feel fair treatment  regardless of sexual orientation, 92% feel fair treatment regardless of race or gender, 91% affirm that the  workplace is physically safe, and 90% will tell others that they are proud to work at Sun Life. 

“Sun Life is always keen to provide the most encouraging working environment possible for all our employees  at every step of their journey with us,” says Sun Life Chief Human Resources Officer Michelle Cordero-Garcia.  “This certification affirms we are moving in the right direction and inspires us to keep making life brighter for  our employees.”  

This is the second year in a row for Sun Life to obtain the certification. 

Moreover, the results indicated that employees have strong confidence in the company’s management, as well  as in the company’s business practices and ethics. 

“We are where we are today because our employees trust Sun Life and believe in its purpose. We are grateful  for this and look forward to further nurturing the partnership we have with them,” says Sun Life CEO & Country  Head Benedict Sison. “This is the foundation of our strength, longevity, and leadership, and will always be for  the years to come.”  

Sun Life continues to welcome talents who would like to maximize their full potential. Those interested in joining  the company as an employee may visit