Sun Life and its Executives Receive Honors from Regional Award-Giving Bodies

Sun Life Philippines and its executives are closing the year on a high note, receiving accolades from  prestigious award-giving bodies from local and regional organizations.  

Sun Life scored a double win in the Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability (ACES) Awards, held  recently in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The company was recognized as one of the Industry Champions  of The Year for demonstrating an ability to evolve the focus of the business along with the dynamic  changes in its industry to sustain market leadership. Meanwhile, Sun Life CEO and Country Head,  Benedict Sison was named as one of Asia’s Most Inspiring Executives in honor of his leadership, which  brings the company to unparalleled business productivity and organizational efficiency. 

Sun Life was likewise recognized in the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA), where it was once again  bestowed with the Corporate Excellence Award for demonstrating effective talent mobilization and  organizational capability that deliver consistent business results while remaining aligned to the  organization’s purpose. Sun Life’s Chief HR Officer Michelle Cordero-Garcia personally received the  award during the ceremony held recently in Singapore. 

Locally, Garcia herself was honored in the Philippine HR Awards with the Platinum HR Leader of the  Year Award. This is in recognition of her achievements in driving workforce initiatives through  innovation while demonstrating excellence in different facets of human resources.  

“It is truly a great honor to receive these awards for our efforts to be the number one in the hearts  of our clients, advisors, and employees,” says Sison. “We are determined to uphold the essence of  these recognitions as we strive to make life brighter for all of our stakeholders.”