Smart investment platform BINOMO enters the Philippine market

In recent years, investing has become more convenient and accessible for more Filipinos thanks to the availability of financial technology and online trading platforms. According to the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), the online stock market accounts continued to grow ahead of its c for the third consecutive year increasing by nearly half in 2020.

This recent increase has prompted Binomo, an international smart investment platform, to make the Philippines one of its focus markets. Binomo, founded in 2014, has millions of users in its platform and with presence in over 130 countries. It is regulated by the International Financial Commission (IFC) and certified by Verify My Trade (VMT), an organization that certifies the quality of trades made on the site.

“We understand that everyone has a dream they’d like to achieve and online trading is a way to reach that goal faster. With Binomo, users will find everything they need to speed up their journey from beginner to someone knowledgeable about how to attain their goals more quickly,” said David Clark, APAC Managing Director.

What sets Binomo apart from the rest?

Binomo prides itself as an online investment platform that’s both for beginners and professional traders alike.New traders will certainly benefit from the various training materials that Binomo provides.

It has a demo account feature that beginners can use to train and hone their trading skills before advancing to actual trading. It’s a secure environment that uses virtual funds so that traders don’t lose any real money while they’re learning. Just by creating an account in Binomo, Filipinos will automatically receive Php50,000 ($1,000) demo funds that they can use to start their trading journey.

It also doesn’t stop there, Binomo offers Filipinos an opportunity to learn trading and financial analysis thanks to detailed educational materials: video tutorials, pop-up tips, step-by-step strategies, a detailed glossary, a demo account and tournaments as well as any help in understanding how the platform works.

Binomo offers four account types: Demo, Standard, Gold, and VIP. Traders will be able to access more tools, bonuses, and benefits as their account upgrades.

Knowledge, time, and experience are necessary to have extra income with online trading but there is always a risk of losing part or all of the invested capital.

Download Binomo’s mobile app now in Apple app store and Google play store for free!