Pru Life UK’s newest product guarantees 4% annual cash payout for 7 years

Customers also get 100% cash back and up to 125% coverage with PRULove Wealth 

Leading life insurer Pru Life UK launches a new product designed to provide Filipinos life insurance coverage while also allowing them to earn returns with rates comparable with those from a high-yielding time deposit. PRULove Wealth uniquely offers 4% annual cash payout, 100% cash back, and up to 125% insurance coverage.*

Regardless of market conditions, customers can rely on a guaranteed 4% annual payout based on the single premium paid. PRULove Wealth complements their traditional bank deposit and fixed income-generating financial assets. The steady earnings assure them and their families cash to celebrate life’s milestones, boost personal savings, and provide an extra layer of financial cushion.

Customers’ principal money is secured with 100% cash back guarantee or return of the premium paid if the insured is still around after the 7-year insurance coverage period or maturity of the policy. The cash back gives comfort to families of a stable financial future.

The life insurance coverage of up to 125% based on the single premium gives the customers wealth protection for their families. Whatever happens to the insured, the beneficiary gets the whole proceeds up to 25% higher than the principal.*

PRULove Wealth solidifies our unwavering commitment to being the Filipino families’ most trusted partners and protectors by providing financial solutions that address their evolving needs. With the guaranteed benefits of our new product, we aim to help more customers achieve financial protection and their wealth aspirations,” shares Allan Tumbaga, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer & Marketing Officer.

PRULove Wealth can help customers who want a convenient one-time pay life insurance product that reaps an uninterrupted flow of cash and secured legacy without worrying about market volatility.

Pru Life UK maintains its industry’s top position in New Business Annual Premium Equivalent & total Premium Income from Variable Life Insurance products according to the Insurance Commission’s Life Insurance Sector Quarterly Statistics for Q3 2023.

Its wide range of products is accessible through its over 42,000 digitally-empowered agency force and like-minded ecosystems and digital partners.

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*4% payout and 125% insurance coverage based on single premium paid.

Product terms & conditions including on cash back apply.

Limited time offer and subject to availability.