PRSP celebrates 67 years of service as the country’s premier organization for PR professionals

The Public Relations in the Philippines (PRSP) today announced that it is celebrating more than six decades of service to Filipino public relations professionals, supporting young practitioners and helping further hone their talents. 

With a celebrated history that dates as far back as 1957, post-World War II, the organization has been dedicated to recognizing the importance of PR in business and empowering the people that drive it in motion. 

Composed of practitioners from various industries including business, government, non-profit organizations, medical, education, tourism and other professional services, PRSP aims to “advance the welfare of the Filipino people through dignified, effective and relevant practice of the art and science of public relations.” 

This mission of PRSP is fulfilled by continuously cultivating PR as an avenue that builds public confidence in an individual or organization, encouraging the study and improvement of PR among the aspiring and seasoned practitioners, correcting and preventing abuses in PR that tend to undermine public trust and serving as a center of information of latest data to its members. 

Throughout its service, the organization has held prestigious events that uphold the important contributions of PR practitioners, cultivate stronger relationships among the members of the organization and the industry and accompany them in honing their talent in PR. 

These events include the Anvil Award, an awards program that recognizes the use of outstanding PR tools and programs; the National Public Relations Congress, a gathering of PR and communication experts all over the country to discuss the latest trends and techniques in PR; the Professional Development Seminar, a quarterly hands-on training on effective PR communication strategies; and the Student Congress and Grand Prix Competition for aspiring PR practitioners to provide them with hands-on PR experiences led by industry professionals. 

This year, with the theme “PR for All,” PRSP will continue to fulfill its mission by creating an inclusive, ethical, honorable and transparent community where all professionals, whether young or veteran, can thrive. 

“Congratulations to PRSP for 67 years of advancing the practice of PR profession in the Philippines and for continuing to uphold the integrity and maintaining the highest ethical standards in the PR industry,” said PRSP President Andy Saracho, APR.