Meet the Newest Classic: Tip-Top Chicken Tocino

Tip-Top has been winning over Filipino hearts with its tasty treats, giving consumers alternatives beyond the usual 

Tip-Top Chicken, known for premium quality poultry that is safe, sustainable, and tasty, introduces Easy and Tasty Chicken Tocino. This new addition to Tip-Top’s roster of products is set to elevate all-day dining for Filipinos with 100% chicken meat, no added preservatives, and no artificial coloring. 

Globally, people are consuming more chicken than ever before because it is an economic and nutritious protein option that tastes good. The same is reflected locally, with reports from the Philippine Department of Agriculture reflecting how chicken meat has gained popularity faster than other meats due to its affordability, lower fat content, and cultural acceptability. 

In meeting the needs of the local market, Tip-Top has been capturing Filipino taste buds since 2021 with its flavorful offerings, giving consumers healthier and safer options beyond the usual. The brand offers quality choice cuts of drumstick, wings, breast, thigh, and whole chicken products. Easy and Tasty is the marinated product line of the choice cuts meant to make preparing meals easier and more convenient for those on-the-go or are new to the kitchen. 

Not your ordinary Tocino

Tip-Top is a consumer brand by C-Joy Poultry Meats Production, Inc., a joint venture between Cargill Philippines and Jollibee Foods Corporation. Building on Cargill Philippines’ 75-year legacy of excellence, Tip-Top offers consumers yet another alternative to traditional tocino, free from artificial colors and salitre. With its signature sweet-savory flavor and tender texture, the Easy and Tasty Chicken Tocino promises to redefine the breakfast staple and spark culinary creativity among consumers.

“At C-Joy, we are committed to continuously innovating to meet the changing demands of our customers. Tip-Top’s Chicken Tocino delivers both convenience and flavor in every pack, carefully crafted with uncompromising quality. As the newest addition to our product line, alongside favorites like our Crispy & Tasty Chicken Nuggets and our chicken Choice Cuts, our commitment is to continually pioneer healthy, tasty, and convenient options, ensuring that Filipino consumers always have an easy choice with Tip-Top,” said Mija Darlene Cu-Cachapero, President and CEO of C-Joy.

Made with 100% chicken meat, Tip-Top products are produced and packed on the same day, ensuring freshness and quality with every purchase. Whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Tip-Top allows consumers to create delicious meals in just 15 minutes, reflecting C-Joy’s dedication to providing families with easy-to-prepare, safe, and quality products without compromising on nutrition or taste.

The brand’s success is rooted in its strong commitment to safety and sustainability, which are central to its operations. Focusing on people-first practices, C-Joy ensures the welfare of its employees and the communities it serves. From stringent safety protocols to adhering to animal welfare standards, it sets the benchmark for ethical and sustainable practices in the industry.

Tip-Top Easy and Tasty Chicken Tocino is now available at all branches of South Supermarket and Robinsons Supermarket. For more information, visit Tip Top’s Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok pages.