Manulife Investment Management Launches Manulife Global Money Market Feeder Fund, a High-Quality and Efficient USD Surplus Cash Investment

Manulife Investment Management and Trust Corporation (Manulife IM Philippines) recently launched another first-in-the-market strategy, the Manulife Global Money Market Feeder Fund (the “Fund”), which is a unit investment trust fund (UITF) that aims to generate competitive US dollar money market returns to better preserve capital.

The new Fund gives investors access to a portfolio of high-quality credit rating, global short-term investments, specifically money market instruments that are denominated in US dollars or hedged against the US dollar, with an average portfolio maturity of ninety (90) days or less. Investors may access the Fund for as low as USD 100.

“Money market securities are resilient across interest rate cycles, providing a cushion against market volatility. The Manulife Global Money Market Feeder Fund seeks to deliver steady returns that can help enhance the performance of one’s investment portfolio,” said Aira Gaspar, President and CEO, Manulife IM Philippines.

The Fund invests in a collective investment scheme (the “Target Fund”) that has consistently generated positive net performance over the past decade. It is the newest among Manulife IM Philippines’ distinctive suite UITFs for varied investment objectives and risk appetites. 

Interested investors may open a UITF account online through Manulife iFUNDS, a secure digital investment platform that makes it easy and convenient for investors to manage their UITF investments. For more information on the investments that best suit your investment goals, you may contact a Manulife Wealth Specialist or visit