Macao Imperial Tea’s Unbreakable Commitment to bringing special café experience in every cup

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven companies to reinvent their operations to effectively deal with the changing needs of their customers. For businesses in the food and beverages industry, undergoing a digital transformation has become instrumental to ensuring business continuity and resiliency atthe advent of the so-called new normal.

The café chain Macao Imperial Tea proves how innovation played a significant role in keeping the business up and running during the onset of the pandemic.

With mobility restrictions in place, customers were unable to visit stores to purchase their favorite drinks. Thus, the business dared to develop innovative ways to accomplish its unbreakable commitment of bringing customers genuine, memorable, and special café experience.

“With the pandemic happening, we have sought out different solutions to be more accessible despite shutting off. We started being more proactive with our digital efforts by establishing our online store, our e-store, and by partnering with our third-party aggregators, especially for the Macao Imperial team,” said Fredley Group of Companies’ Founder and CEO Avin Ong.

To support the company’s online delivery services, the business needed a robust and reliable internet for the simultaneous reception of orders from their customers. They partnered with PLDT Enterprise for enterprise-grade connectivity solutions that could sustain the business’ online operations.

“Part of our company’s vision is to always serve our customers better and we will be able to do that only if we stay connected with our customers. PLDT Enterprise serves as the link between the business and the customers because we were able to listen to their feedback, identify their needs and wants, and take the necessary actions,” said the executive.

PLDT Enterprise has been empowering businesses all over the country through cutting-edge enterprise technologies suited to support businesses in maximizing their business productivity and efficiency.

“We understand the need of our partners for a strong and reliable digital foundation that will allow them to be more agile, resilient, and be always connected to their employees and customers. As we endeavor to make an impact on every single business, we are committed to assisting organizations like Macao Imperial Tea as they work to continually serve their community, especially during these uncertain times,” said Jojo Gendrano, FVP & Head of PLDT and Smart Enterprise.

PLDT Enterprise launched its Unbreakable Commitment campaign to show how partnerships have assisted companies to thrive despite challenges and in turn, contributed to the lives of Filipinos.

Likewise, the campaign highlights PLDT Enterprise’s unbreakable commitment to empowering organizations through digital solutions that empower them in the ever-changing business environment.

“We appreciate that PLDT Enterprise was here to provide us good internet connection, to provide us quality service, and they were very reachable and proactive during this time, easily addressing the challenges we’ve had,” said Ong.

As one of the fastest-growing café chains, the brand has been committed to providing products that are readily available and accessible to customers.

For their casual dining brands, the executive shared that they conceptualized a service where they bring a complete dining experience in the comforts of their customers’ homes. They launched delivery services for an in-home yakiniku and hotpot feast through their Mitasu Grill-to-Go and Nabe On-the-Go set.

“Our dining brands are very experienced-focused and we wanted to make sure that we bring the full dining experience to the homes of our customers,” Ong added.

Despite the extraordinary times, Macao Imperial Tea upholds its unbreakable commitment to serve its customers with an enriching café experience through every cup they serve.

The pandemic may have caused difficulties to the business, but what’s certain is they will keep seeking ways to bring their best-tasting drinks to customers through innovation and digital technology.

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