Investree Philippines bolsters financial inclusion efforts for SMEs with 2gether Towards the Future campaign

Country’s first SEC-approved crowdfunding platform celebrates second anniversary with expanded partnerships and revamped website 

Investree, the Philippines’ pioneer crowdfunding intermediary and funding platform, celebrates its second anniversary with the launch of the 2gether Towards the Future campaign to uplift the nation’s SME sector. A venture of F(DEV) Digital Innovations and Ventures, Inc. and Investree Singapore Pte Ltd, Investree Philippines is geared towards building a financially inclusive future for Pinoy SMEs. Toward this end, it aims to focus on enhancing the entrepreneurial journey of SMEs by forging stronger government and industry partnerships locally.

“This year’s anniversary theme is focused on building the future. That future is a financially inclusive Philippines, where financial tools are more accessible to SMEs in order to sustain and expand their businesses. We strive to preserve the company’s agile growth to keep us equipped in pursuing this vision of the future. We are excited even more with the milestones we’ve achieved thus far, and we use these to empower us to forge ahead to reach our goals in uplifting the country, most especially SMEs,” shares Investree Philippines Country Manager Alexander Capulong.

Since its 2020 launch, Investree Philippines has been providing innovative, transparent, and viable financing solutions to local businesses through collaborative opportunities with investors. Making concrete efforts in bridging the financial gap and spurring growth among small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the country, the company has served more than 100 SMEs and funded over 400 notes as of June 2022.

After securing its SEC-granted permanent license earlier this year, Investree Philippines is now looking to expand its partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in pursuit of their shared mission of providing SMEs with better access to finance, technology and innovation. In the coming months, Investree Philippines and DTI will work hand-in-hand in organizing educational campaigns through social media content, webinars and events featuring relevant industry or entrepreneurial topics. Through this stronger partnership with DTI, Investree aims to expand its reach to more underserved and under-financed SMEs in the nation. Partnership opportunities with e-commerce platforms, payment aggregators, third-party logistics providers and other tech-based platforms will advance the vision and mission of the crowdfunding platform at the same time pursue the mandate of DTI.

In further amplification of its digital financial literacy efforts, Investree Philippines proudly joins hands with Asian Institute of Management (AIM), a well-known international management school and research institution in the country. Through this partnership, both the platform and institution shall fulfill their goal in connecting their respective stakeholders with potential SMEs, investors and partners through collaboration among their networks. Informative programs and mutually-beneficial opportunities await to be executed, aside from generating employment under Investree Philippines’ growing team.

Investree Philippines connects businesses with institutional investors who want to help these enterprises while also securing a return on their investment. To sustain its objective to on-board more institutional investors that share the same mission of supporting SMEs and providing new avenues for development as we enter the post-pandemic era, Investree Philippines reinvents its Investor Dashboard with new features that promote convenience and better transparency. The dashboard now allows investors to assess investment risks more seamlessly. Investors can now also see information on the approved note and the SME that they are funding. Investors can also monitor their bids and manage their portfolio on the platform.

Investree Philippines also enhanced some of its website’s features to better serve all of its stakeholders. Besides a more dynamic look and friendlier navigation, the website now hosts pages containing partnership opportunities for interested institutional investors and anchors. The new Stories page features success stories of clients and other helpful and relevant information. Furthermore, the website allows registering via mobile devices for the convenience of interested SMEs.

In the photo: Mr. Efren Chatto of King Louis Flowers and Plants is one of Investree Philippines’ SME partner featured in Investree Growth Testimonies. See Investree Philippines’ YouTube channel for its latest entrepreneurial stories.

From the premise of building a world where #EveryoneCanGrow, Investree Philippines has launched the Expertales, Experteam and Expertpreneur video campaign series to further boost its efforts to promote financial inclusion.

Accessible on Investree Philippines’ website and social media channels, the series tackles topics relevant to Filipino SMEs, including out-of-the-box tips from key opinion leaders (KOLs). It will also discuss Investree Philippines’s mission to create a financially inclusive space for businesses of all sizes. The final episodes of the series that rolled out this month feature the business journey of their SME partners, to inspire more entrepreneurs to forge their own path towards growth.

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