Holcim new campaign highlights confidence in Philippine recovery

Leading building solutions provider Holcim Philippines, Inc. will launch a campaign encouraging people to stand together and build again to help the country get back on its feet.

Called “TayonaTayo, Pilipinas (Let us stand and build, Philippines), the new campaign highlights Holcim Philippines’ hope for the country’s future and its promise to support reconstruction. The centerpiece of the campaign is a video spot expressing the company’s optimism to be played on social and broadcast media this August. The company also plans a series of initiatives to encourage its employees, customers and other stakeholders to maintain their optimism and support efforts to build a better Philippines.

The video opens on a sombre note empathizing with people affected by the health crisis while showing construction projects on pause. It then switches to a positive and determined tone encouraging people to resume building, while Holcim products are prominently displayed in several construction projects and with a soaring orchestral music playing in the background.

William Sumalinog, Senior Vice President and Head of Sales of Holcim Philippines: “The campaign reminds our fellow Filipinos that we can recover from our challenges and rebuild to become more resilient. ‘TayonaTayo’ also emphasizes that our stakeholders can count on Holcim Philippines to continue being a trusted partner in building progress in the Philippines.”

Holcim Philippines’ campaign fits well with the importance of the construction industry in returning the country to its development path. The government has promised to build back a stronger and more resilient economy this year, with increased investments in new infrastructures among the key initiatives. The private sector is similarly optimistic that the construction industry will contribute to lifting the economy. Others are taking the opportunity to bring sustainability principles to the recovery by redesigning infrastructures and cities so they can be built with fewer resources, while ensuring they engage people and protect the environment.

To support partners in building better, Holcim Philippines has driven the introduction of new construction solutions with lower environmental footprint and better performance than conventional alternatives, such as the Holcim Solido and Holcim Aqua-X infrastructure and waterproofing solutions.