Globe’s innovations head wins prestigious engineering awards

In recognition of professional excellence, Gerhard Tan, Senior Director and Head of Technology Strategy and Innovations at Globe, has been distinguished with two prestigious awards in the field of engineering.

Tan won the 2023 Professional Regulatory Commission’s Outstanding Professional of the Year Award in Electronics Engineering (ECE), and the 2023 Honorary Fellow Award from the ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisations (AFEO).

The PRC Award acknowledges Tan’s exceptional proficiency and leadership in ECE. It is a nod to his innovative work, particularly for pushing early adoption of new technologies in Globe in the areas of 5G, design and implementation of innovative network solutions that addresses localized pain points, and helping the professional organization achieve its goals and aspirations through community extension works.

The 2023 Honorary Fellow Award, which Tan received at the 41st Conference of the ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisations (CAFEO 41) in Bali, Indonesia, celebrates his extraordinary service to the engineering profession and his significant contributions to the ASEAN community.

This prestigious award is reserved for individuals who have shown exemplary character and have made outstanding and meritorious services to the engineering profession, the institution, and/or the ASEAN region.

“These awards represent not only personal milestones but also the collective efforts and unyielding pursuit of excellence within Globe and the engineering community as a whole. I am deeply honored and humbled to receive such recognition from esteemed organizations. My journey has been one of continuous learning and striving to make a significant impact. These awards further reinforce my commitment to contributing to our field,” he said.

“Gerhard is a shining example of putting innovation to practice. He is behind some of the most innovative projects in Globe, with a formidable list of first-to-market pilots and successful tech tests under his belt. These awards solidify his distinguished standing in the engineering community, and we couldn’t be more proud,” said Joel R. Agustin, Senior Vice President for Network Planning & Engineering at Globe.

Tan’s distinguished engineering career includes key roles and contributions, particularly in his current position at Globe where he plays a vital role in shaping the technology landscape. Other than his full-time role at Globe, Tan is also a part-time Associate Professorial Lecturer V and Researcher at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP).

A graduate of the University of Saint Louis Tuguegarao with a Bachelor’s degree in ECE, Tan also holds a Master of Science degree in ECE from the PUP and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in ECE at De La Salle University, Manila. This continuous educational pursuit underscores his commitment to lifelong learning and excellence in his field.

Beyond his professional achievements, Tan is highly recognized as a technology evangelist, community volunteer, sustainability champion, and environmental advocate. His comprehensive approach to engineering, focusing on sustainability and community development, sets a standard for future professionals in the field.