Globe Group’s AdSpark wins two golds at 2023 Marketing Excellence Awards

AdSpark, an adtech firm of the Globe Group’s Brave Connective Holdings, Inc., clinched two golds at the recent Marketing Excellence Awards (MEA) 2023, showing its prowess in innovative and data-driven marketing strategies.

Adspark was recognized for Excellence in Mobile Marketing for its work with Singlife Philippines and Excellence in Performance Marketing for Globe Broadband, cementing its reputation in delivering standout campaigns in a digital era.

The MEA, now in its third edition, celebrates and spotlights innovative and impactful campaigns that set the gold standard in the industry.

“AdSpark’s double win at the Marketing Excellence Awards is a testament to the strength of the Globe Group and Brave Connective Holdings Inc.’s adtech and data ecosystem. It is proof that with the strategic use of data and channels, brands can expect brilliant results, encouraging them to be braver in getting closer to their customers,” said Nikko Acosta, CEO of Brave Connective Holdings, Inc. (BCHI), parent company of AdSpark.

JL Erestain, AdSpark COO, added, “Our success at the MEA 2023 is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to driving results for our clients. By deeply understanding the Filipino consumer and leveraging the power of data, we’ve created campaigns that truly resonate.”

Raf del Rosario, Client Success Director for Enterprise at Adspark, meanwhile said, “This win is a collaborative effort. It showcases how when brands and agencies work closely, we can craft innovative solutions even in saturated markets.”

Here are AdSpark’s winning campaigns

‘Coverage for All’ for Singlife Philippines

The “Coverage for All” campaign tackled the cumbersome traditional insurance process, leveraging mobile marketing to streamline applications. As the first mobile life insurer in the country, Singlife used AdSpark’s AdTech solutions to address the challenges, making insurance acquisition efficient and user-friendly.

A pivotal decision was made to integrate with GCash, the country’s leading mobile wallet platform. With its extensive reach, GCash served as an effective bridge between Singlife and potential policyholders. AdSpark’s strategy of extracting insights from GCash’s vast data allowed it to create tailored audience profiles, ensuring that the campaign reached the right audience.

As a testament to the campaign’s effectiveness, Singlife saw a surge in policy issuances, with over 700,000 issued via the platform. The convenience of the process also led to a dramatic increase in customer satisfaction, as demonstrated by Singlife’s excellent rating on TRUSTPILOT.

Globe Broadband and the DGPON Acquisition Campaign

Globe Broadband sought to carve out a niche despite stiff competition in the broadband market in the Philippines. This challenge birthed the innovative DGPON Acquisition Campaign, conceptualized in partnership with AdSpark.

The heart of this campaign was the Media Ecosystem, mirroring the genuine behavior patterns of broadband users. AdSpark advised Globe Broadband to diversify its media strategy, and using first-party data, the brand refined its audience targeting.  This resulted in a staggering 126% uptick in Q1 2023 installations and an acquisition rate that outperformed the previous quarter by 20%.

In both instances, AdSpark’s collaboration with Singlife and Globe Broadband highlights the potency of data-driven strategies in achieving marketing excellence. Its wins at the MEA 2023 underscore AdSpark’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital marketing, ensuring that its clients consistently stay ahead in an ever-evolving landscape.

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