FUJIFILM Business Innovation Philippines Corp. Promotes Circular Economy with Full Implementation of Extended Producers Responsibility Program

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Philippines Corp. (FUJIFILM BI PH) is  proud to announce its compliance with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources  (DENR) Philippines’ implementation of the Extended Producer Responsibility Act (EPR). 

The EPR Act aims to shift the responsibility for managing post-consumer products to the  producers, including manufacturers, importers, and brand owners. This responsibility includes  implementing systems that support the collection, reuse, recycling, and disposal of products at  the end of their life cycle. 

“As a major supplier of products and services of printing equipment and consumables, the  company understands the impact of our operations on the environment, and thus we are  committed to reducing our environmental footprint. In addition, we recognize our responsibility to  take a proactive approach in minimizing waste and managing our products’ end-of-life,” said Mr.  Hideaki Kato, president of FUJIFILM BI PH. 

In response to the EPR mandate, FUJIFILM BI PH has taken measures to further promote  recycling and proper waste disposal in their operations by taking on the responsibility of  “Generator” for the collection of used multi-function printers, parts, and toner/drum cartridges  from our customers around the Philippines to an accredited Treatment, Storage, and Disposal  (TSD) Facility, with the aim of lessening the company’s contribution to wastes that end up in  landfills.  

Strengthening Product Reuse and Recycle 

FUJIFILM BI PH makes it easier for companies to properly dispose of their M506 – Waste  Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) which includes printing equipment, used parts and  toner cartridges, with a retrieval and recycling program at no extra cost to its customers. 

Such items retrieved from customers will be processed by TSD and converted into new raw  materials that can be used to make a variety of products. 

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Philippines Corp. is committed to supporting the DENR and its  efforts to promote sustainable development. The company will continue to improve its processes  and work towards a more sustainable future. 

The Fujifilm Group’s DNA 

The Fujifilm Group’s business originated with photographic film, a product for which lots of clean  water and fresh air are essential to the manufacturing process. Thus, for the Fujifilm Group, an  approach which emphasizes environmental conservation has been a major premise at the very  foundation of their business activities as the Fujifilm Group’s “DNA”. 

Over the years, due to the nature of the founding business, the Fujifilm Group, including FUJIFILM  Business Innovation Philippines Corp., has been working to reduce the environmental impact from  the business throughout the product lifecycle, from material procurement, manufacturing,  transportation, and use, to final disposal.