FEU Alabang highlights sustainable mobility with GET

Far Eastern University (FEU) Alabang is proud of its collaboration with Global Electric Transport (GET), introducing sustainable mobility solutions for its student community. Through this partnership, FEU Alabang facilitates easier access to quality education while championing environmentally conscious transportation options.

As part of this initiative, FEU Alabang is included in COMET’s expanded Filinvest South route, facilitated by GET, COMET, or Community Optimized Managed Electric Transport, is a zero-emission, fast-charging electric minibus that can accommodate up to 30 passengers. Equipped with a wheelchair ramp, the vehicle is also accessible for people with disabilities.

A flagship offering from GET, the COMET Bus represents a significant step toward sustainable transportation and aligns with FEU Alabang’s commitment to fostering a greener campus environment.

“The partnership with GET underscores our dedication to providing accessible and eco-friendly transportation options for our students,” said Engr. Remelita Avenido, Executive Director at FEU Alabang. “By integrating sustainable mobility solutions into our campus infrastructure, we are not only enhancing the commuting experience but also contributing to broader environmental and social goals.”

FEU Alabang and GET will also provide a charging station tailored for COMET Buses servicing the Filinvest area, benefiting both the university’s students and the rest of commuters located in the area. This enhances the efficiency and convenience of charging for COMET Buses, thereby ensuring reliable transportation for students commuting to and from the campus.

This collaboration is in line with Far Eastern University’s commitment to supporting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, particularly SDG4: Quality Education and SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities. By prioritizing sustainable transportation solutions, FEU Alabang is actively contributing to the creation of more inclusive and environmentally conscious urban spaces.

To further enhance the commuter experience, the COMET bus operates from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week. There is also an FEU Alabang Express Service, which shuttles passengers to and from FEU Alabang with shorter stops during specific peak hours of the day from Monday to Saturday. Passengers can access the service through the Get-Pass application, which offers a cashless payment system. Charging stations will soon be available at the campus bus stop, ensuring that students can easily access transportation services without worrying about the battery levels of their devices.

FEU Alabang remains committed to advancing sustainable practices and looks forward to further collaborations that promote environmental stewardship and community well-being.