Wanted: Self driven and highly motivated individual, loves to find solutions to problems, has a passion for helping people live healthier, longer, better lives, has strength of character and love of learning, and is dedicated to their work.

If you think you fit the bill, then congratulations! You have what it takes to join the Next Gen Advisor (NGA) Program of AIA Philippines (formerly Philam Life),  a six-month development program designed to support entrepreneurs in building their own insurance business and empowering them to lead their own teams.

This is the perfect opportunity for those who want to take charge of their career, including fresh graduates who aspire to take the entrepreneurial path.

Start your journey 

The journey to become a Next Gen Advisor begins with a getting to know you chat with an AIA representative. Once the niceties are done and you decide to continue, you will now be enrolled in trainings to help you learn more about the business.

Educating people on their protection and long-term savings needs is a big responsibility. That’s why AIA Philippines is committed to provide you with the right tools and support to equip you for success. Internationally licensed training and development modules via the Learning Management System (LMS) which you can conveniently take online will give you everything you need to know about AIA Philippines and its suite of products, as well as knowledge and skills training and mastery.You will also be supported through peer learning and mentoring to guide you every step of the way.

Equipped with the basics, you are now ready to take the insurance licensure examination facilitated by the Insurance Commission (IC). Once you pass,you’re well on your way to becoming an AIA Financial Advisor under the NGA Program.

And while you will not have a boss looking over your shoulder, being a Next Gen Advisor requires as much commitment as a full time job.You can earn a monthly activity bonus of PHP10,000 for a period of six months when you are able to successfully achieve the monthly targets.This is given on top of your sales commissions and other bonuses you may receive. “When an NGA achieves the six-month target within the first three months, s/he is even entitled to a Fast Track Bonus of PHP30,000,” explained Orwen Siao, AIA Philippines’ Head of Recruitment.

Up your game

If your long-term plan is to manage a team and start your own agency, you can apply for the Next Gen Leader Development (NGL) Program which is a year-long comprehensive training and development program that will guide you in developing and nurturing high-potential talents.

This will help hone your skills so you can eventually level up and become a Manager of Managers in five years or less.  Through the program, you will receive advanced sales and marketing training through innovative tools and online platforms, as well as stellar rewards and recognition for the hard work done.

Sign up today!

Be one of the thousands of AIA Next Gen Advisors who are on track to protecting more Filipinos from risk, guiding them towards achieving their personal financial goals, and helping them live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives.

FOR ONLINE PUB: Click here for more information about the Next Gen Advisor Program of AIA Philippines, or here to visit the AIA Philippines Facebook page,email [email protected] or call (02) 8528-2000 to know more.