Empowering women at Asticom: Nurturing success in life and work

Asticom Technology Inc., the country’s premier shared services company, proudly honors the remarkable women who drive its success. From mothers balancing work and family to senior leaders forging new paths, Asticom recognizes the invaluable contributions of women and is committed to fostering an environment where they can thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Melaine Aure, Project Manager and Production Support Lead

Crafting a life with care

Melaine Aure, a Project Manager and Production Support Lead, exemplifies how Asticom supports women in harmonizing their professional and personal lives. She meticulously plans her weeks, cherishing quality moments with her children while unwinding with her husband at night to find balance.

Melaine candidly shares the challenges of being a working mom, advocating for embracing imperfections and taking life one step at a time, saying, “Asticom allows me to manage the many different hats that I’m wearing and find my stride that is suited to my goals and personal needs.”

Melba Manalo, Operations Supervisor

Overcoming adversity

At Asticom, women like Melba Manalo, an Operations Supervisor and single mother of three, inspire others with their resilience. Despite facing financial obstacles, Melba persevered, building a rewarding career while expertly managing her responsibilities at home.

”Between balancing my career and personal responsibilities, Asticom taught me a vital lesson – the importance of prioritizing my mental well-being,” Melba shared. Her journey showcases her commitment to lifelong learning, kindness, and steadfast resolve. Her hard-won wisdom echoes powerfully in the advice she offers her younger self: to pursue education relentlessly and to embrace positive traits like respect, patience, empathy, and a willingness to assist others without expecting anything in return.

Mharicar Castillo-Reyes, President and CEO

Leadership Lessons

Just as Melba and Melaine exemplify the dedication and persistence of Asticom’s exceptional female employees, its President and CEO Mharicar “Cai” Castillo-Reyes personifies the ability to overcome obstacles and achieve harmonious work-life integration. Cai deftly navigated the dual responsibilities of raising a young family and steering Asticom’s growth, made possible by the steadfast support of her husband.

Cai, a mother of one girl, shared how her early experiences shaped her approach to leadership, which revolves around guiding, empowering, and inspiring individuals, both within and outside the company. “I see leadership as a constant opportunity to learn, not just from my mentors but also from the people I encounter every day, whether within our company or beyond,” she shared, emphasizing the need for constant learning and the importance of understanding the unique challenges of integrating work and life.

She offered women leaders this advice: “Leadership is about inspiring others to live their purpose, breaking down barriers to achieve goals. As women leaders, you should embrace your natural style; it brings out the best in you and those you serve.”

Championing Diversity and Inclusion

Asticom strives to achieve a balanced workforce with a remarkable 55/45 gender representation, including a significant number of women in management roles. This creates a supportive environment that accommodates the varied needs and responsibilities of its female employees.

It celebrates the diverse talents and perspectives women bring to the team through initiatives like career development programs, mentoring opportunities, and a hybrid work setup.

With women at the forefront of its business, Asticom actively shapes a future where women can realize their aspirations and make invaluable contributions. By championing gender equality, the company is paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable workforce.

To learn more about Asticom’s commitment to empowering women, visit https://asticom.com.ph.