EdgePoint Infrastructure (“EdgePoint”), the ASEAN-based independent telecommunications infrastructure company, celebrates a new milestone by reaching 15,000 towers across its three key markets: Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. This milestone was achieved when EdgePoint recently completed the deployment of its 15,000th site in Karang Wareng, a district located in Cirebon, West Java in Indonesia.

Suresh Sidhu, Chief Executive Officer of EdgePoint Infrastructure shared, “This achievement is not just a number but a testament to EdgePoint’s commitment to building a more connected, digital ASEAN. In just three and a half years since our inception, we have established 15,000 towers across three countries, significantly enhancing the region’s connectivity landscape. This reflects our dedication to providing the best infrastructure throughout ASEAN and creating equitable access to connectivity for all.”

He continued, “In today’s digital age, connectivity is a vital catalyst for a country’s growth and development. EdgePoint will continue to support the region’s growth by providing the best infrastructure every step of the way, ensuring equitable access to connectivity. We are excited about the future and look forward to working with all stakeholders to further advance ASEAN’s digital landscape.”

Founded in 2020, EdgePoint Infrastructure began its journey in Malaysia, subsequently expanding its presence to Indonesia a year later followed by the Philippines in 2022. Since inception, EdgePoint has worked with all the leading Mobile Network Operators (MNOs)in these countries and extended connectivity reach through partnerships with non-MNO customers, deploying future ready infrastructure for seamless, reliable connectivity.

William Walters, Chief Executive Officer of EdgePoint Philippines said, “Connectivity is an integral part of nation-building, and this milestone commemorates EdgePoint’s ongoing efforts to ensure everyone has access to reliable connectivity, including those living in remote parts of the country. We will continue our efforts to expand access to connectivity to every Filipino and are ramping up our operations to ensure the right solutions are deployed, optimizing our operations towards delivering the best outcomes for our customers.”

In the past year, EdgePoint has reinforced their position as nation building partners in the countries in which they operate by expanding their geographical reach and enhancing connectivity in under-served regions including, Sabah in Malaysia, Visayas and Pahlawan in the Philippines and Papua, Sulawesi and Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia.

EdgePoint has also integrated sustainability as a core focus, recently completing the deployment of five solar sites in the Philippines and is committed to actively working towards achieving net zero emissions across the portfolio.

The company’s achievements have garnered acclaimed recognition across the region, with awards for innovation, customer centricity and service delivery, and most recently walked away with the Tower Company Of The Year award at the Twimbit Telecom Awards 2024.

For more information on EdgePoint, please visit https://edgepointinfra.com/