EastWest Continues to Break New Ground in Digital Banking with AI Chatbot ESTA

EastWest Bank, one of the fastest-growing banks in the country today and a pioneer in Philippine digital banking solutions, is thrilled to announce the latest updates on its groundbreaking artificial intelligence chatbot, ESTA (EastWest System Tech Assistant), available on Facebook Messenger.

For the past few years, this innovative tool has been redefining the digital banking experience for EastWest credit cardholders and employees alike, marking a significant milestone in the bank’s commitment to technological advancement and customer service excellence.

Designed to cater to the modern-day banking needs of its users, ESTA leverages the widespread use of Facebook Messenger to provide a platform where credit cardholders can effortlessly perform a variety of credit card services. From balance transfers and installment conversions to accessing Insta-Cash, ESTA offers a seamless and secure banking experience right at the fingertips of its users. In addition, it consistently generates Php1B in installment bookings monthly.

Just recently, ChatGPT was incorporated in EastWest’s Customer Service functionality, resulting in a 75% reduction in Customer Service warm body interactions. In the near future, retrieving account information and performing transactions can be done not only by screen or button presses but via textual commands. Imagine having a digital assistant that can carry out commands like – “Compute my average spend on XYZ ecommerce for the last 6 months” or “Send Php10,000 to my husband’s EastWest bank account.”

This AI-powered convenience is a testament to EastWest’s dedication to providing quick and easy solutions to meet the busy lifestyles of its customers.

ESTA Leveling Up

Further extending the ESTA experience, EastWest is proud to announce an upgraded version of ESTA for its employees. This new iteration integrates flawlessly with ChatGPT on Microsoft Teams, allowing staff to access knowledge bases that include the internet at large, internal manuals, store policies, MORB + Select BSP Circulars, the Corporate Credit Policy, and credit card product features more efficiently. This internal tool is designed to accelerate information retrieval, analysis and synthesis based textual and numerical work output, fostering a smarter, empowered and more productive workplace environment. It is similar to having a virtual assistant capable of conducting financial ratio analysis or crafting advertising copy for an ad campaign.

ESTA represents a first-in-market innovation, offering unparalleled accessibility and convenience in digital banking. It exemplifies EastWest’s commitment to leveraging technology to enhance the banking experience for both customers and employees,” said Efren dela Cruz, Jr., Head of Consumer Service Delivery at EastWest.

“Through constant improvements, upgrades and updates, EastWest aims to further ESTA’s contribution to the bank’s extensive digital capabilities, showcasing the bank’s ongoing thrust for innovation and customer service excellence,” dela Cruz added.

Power to the Customers

EastWest reiterated its commitment to customers, highlighted by ESTA’s consumer-friendly features for an even more convenient banking experience, including the following:

  • Account Security: Real-time lock and unlock capabilities for primary and supplementary accounts. Real time notifications for and confirmation of suspicious transactions.
  • Promo Searches: Enhanced search functionality for promos by category or keyword, making it easier to find the best deals.
  • Real time display of transactions
  • Updating of addresses, mobile and email address
  • Other EastWest Credit Card Services: One stop shop for accepting information and documents for applications for credit limit increases, supplementary cards, disputes, balance transfers, annual fee waivers, insta-cash, and convert to installment

“ESTA represents more than just an advancement in digital banking technology; it embodies EastWest’s vision for a future where banking is not only accessible but also seamlessly integrated into our customers’ daily lives. Our commitment to innovation is driven by our dedication to providing exceptional service and convenience. With ESTA, we’re not just keeping pace with the digital age—we’re defining it,” concluded Efren dela Cruz, Jr.

Experience the future of digital banking today with ESTA. Chat with ESTA on Facebook Messenger at www.ewlend.com/esta or apply for your EastWest credit card via the ESTA chatbot at www.ewlend.com/creditCard.