Eastern Communications partners with Packetworx’s Conference to Drive IoT Adoption

Premier telecommunications company Eastern Communications, in partnership with Packetworx Inc., proudly takes part in the Internet of Things (IoT) Conference 2023, the largest IoT event of the year held at the World Trade Center in Pasay.

The collaboration reinforces Eastern Communications’ commitment to helping businesses and industries through digital transformation and leveraging IoT’s potential for growth and innovation. The IoT is a network of physical objects that have sensors, software, and network connectivity built into them which enables the collection and sharing of data. 

Gathering IoT leaders, professionals, public sector representatives, NGOs, and students, the conference served as a platform to showcase the power of IoT in various industry verticals and promote the widespread adoption of IoT technologies. Delegates were presented with thought leadership presentations, panel discussions, and innovative exhibits. 

The three-day conference featured a comprehensive program covering a wide range of IoT topics. The first day focused on Smart City and Agriculture, exploring how IoT can optimize urban living and revolutionize agricultural practices. Day two delved into IoT for Utilities and Enterprises, highlighting the transformative potential of IoT in sectors such as energy, water management, and businesses. The last day focused on Data Analytics, Blockchain, and IoT Technologies, examining the convergence of these technologies and their collective impact on industries and society.

The conference served as a platform to showcase the power of IoT in various industry verticals and promote the widespread adoption of IoT technology. Presenters highlighted significant advancements in connectivity, smart energy management, storage, logistics, as well as data and facility management for enterprises.

“The Internet of Things Conference 2023 is a pivotal event that will serve as a platform to raise awareness about the importance of IoT in the Philippines. Together, we can unlock the potential of a connected nation and create a future where every sector and individual in the country can benefit from the transformative power of IoT,” said Raisa Ysaac-Orbon, Chief Marketing Officer of Packetworx Inc.

Eastern aims to drive IoT adoption in the Philippines by providing robust connectivity solutions and relevant ICT offerings. Edsel Paglinawan, Eastern Communications’ Vice President and Head of Product and Innovation took the stage on opening day to represent the telco. His presentation, titled “Internet of People ∩ Internet of Things: A Key to Democratizing Innovation in the Philippines,” shed light on the company’s mission to share the importance of IoT and make technology accessible to every Filipino.

Paglinawan emphasized the significance of IoT in the country’s digitalization, highlighting its role in fostering innovation and empowering individuals across various sectors.

“In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, IoT plays a pivotal role in empowering industries to achieve greater agility and cater to the specific needs of their businesses and customers in real time. IoT has become a critical factor that distinguishes business leaders from laggards. Eastern Communications is deeply committed to assisting businesses in future-proofing their operations with confidence,” said Paglinawan.

The Internet of Things Conference 2023 kick-started the journey towards a connected and internet-powered future in the Philippines. As an event partner, Eastern Communications joins forces with Packetworx in sharing collective efforts and expertise, creating an ecosystem of IoT innovators, developers, and enthusiasts to shape the future of IoT technology in the Philippines, together.

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