Eastern Communications joins CloudSigma’s Global Partner Conference in Tokyo seeks further development in cloud industry

Premiere telecommunications company Eastern Communications secures further global reach by participating in CloudSigma’s “GET TOGETHER” Global Partner Conference 2022 recently held in Tokyo, Japan.

After being postponed for two years due to the pandemic, CloudSigma launched the annual partners’ event, inviting nine of their biggest business partners including Eastern Communications to an exclusive conference.

“After two years’ pause, we are happy to meet in person and to share our development plans and future collaborations within the network, and how stable we’ll grow with the advantages of each partner,” said CloudSigma CEO Robert Jenkin.

Representing Eastern Communications at the knowledge-sharing event were Co-Coordinators Atty. Aileen Regio and Vince Tempongko, along with VP and Head of Product and Innovation Edsel Paglinawan. The three-day event allowed partners to present roadmaps and strategic plans for 2023 and to also discuss client success stories and use cases about confidential computing.

To demonstrate Eastern Communications’ plans and its thrust on enabling equitable connectivity access across its country in the digital age, Paglinawan kickstarted the second day with his presentation, covering a number of topics including the acceleration of ICT infrastructure, improvement of telco services, and the democratization of technology for a more prosperous Philippines.

According to Eastern Communications, its Eastern Cloud performance over the past year has improved with 175% growth in 2022 vs. 2021. This innovation became one of the main drivers of revenue stream for the telco as it fortifies nationwide democratization of technology. Additionally, he discussed Eastern’s story, the overview of its business strategy, and how the company transcends its purpose by revolutionizing technology and making services accessible to everyone.

“By participating in the global event, we were able to effectively gather up-to-date information on technological developments, particularly in the cloud industry, for us to further Eastern’s advancement and product offerings. We also engaged in meaningful and thought-provoking conversations about our 2023 strategies and gained a deeper understanding of how technology can best serve and future-proof us,” said Paglinawan.

Eastern Communications VP and Head of Product and Innovation Edsel Paglinawan during his talk at the CloudSigma Global Partners Conference 2022.

The conference also highlighted CloudSigma’s sales initiatives and the latest cloud projects, and held a facilitated CloudSigma Training and Certification Program demo.

This year, Eastern Communications has launched various initiatives related to data and cloud advancements. Among these efforts is the continued expansion of the Eastern Cloud portfolio in order to meet the market’s increasing demand for the service and aid them in their journey toward digital transformation.

Additionally, the company’s Cloud offerings had witnessed product enhancements including Eastern’s Platform as a Service (PaaS), which enables users to create applications from scratch and is fully customizable and personalized according to their needs. Benefits of this most recent addition include a reduction in the costs normally associated with creating cloud-based products and an increase in business productivity. The Eastern Cloud Virtual Router is another new offering that enables customers to manage their network and firewalls in the cloud and provides added network security and redundancy.

An increase in technological advances is projected next year, particularly in the Cloud and Data sector. Eastern Communications is prepared to embrace these changes and make use of emerging knowledge and tools to help its staff and customers easily establish strategic plans and conduct day-to-day company operations.

To learn more about Eastern Communications services, visit eastern.com.ph. Stay tuned as it unveils its new website soon.