Eastern Communications expands footprint in Pangasinan to spur growth and digitalization among MSMEs

Eastern Communications, the pioneer telecommunications company in the Philippines, has taken another significant step to bolster its commitment to support the growth and digitalization of local micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) by extending its services in Pangasinan Province. 

To support Pangasinan’s vision of multiplying its economic opportunities and with the promising Pangasinan Link Expressway (PLEX)¹ infrastructure underway, Eastern Communications aims to build a bridge to other economic zones and provinces by providing tools and platforms to enhance digitalization within the province.

In pursuit of its goal to become a premier province, Pangasinan Provincial Government Department Head and PEDIP Officer Atty. Raymundo Bautista Jr. outlined plans to establish The Pangasinan Polytechnic College offering Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and entrepreneurial courses. 

Additionally, Bautista shared that the province received recognition from the Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) for its efficient processes in ICT and data solutions, along with the announcement of having 1.8 million workers ready and available to be employed in upcoming businesses.

“On behalf of the governor of Pangasinan, we welcome Eastern Communications… We are very happy that Eastern Communications, a game-changer, is here in the province,” said Bautista.

“Eastern Communications has achieved a great milestone in establishing its telecommunications services in Urdaneta because it is the center of trading here in Pangasinan and in North Luzon. Eastern will make a difference in Urdaneta and in Pangasinan,” said Urdaneta City Mayor’s Special Advisor for Economic Affairs Gary Beltran.

Meanwhile, United Pangasinan ICT Council President Edmund Casulla shared how Urdaneta has all the key pillars of an emerging digital city and is ripe with opportunity and talent. 

Eastern Communications formally launched its services at an event held in Gia’s Farm, Urdaneta City where various Eastern products are introduced to the public. Eastern also disclosed plans to extend its service coverage to other cities in Pangasinan in the near future. 

“Expanding to Pangasinan provides us an immense opportunity to finally be able to bridge our services in Northern and Central Luzon. We have long been eyeing Pangasinan as a key expansion area for its advantages in the agro-industrial sectors and its increasing economic activities,” said Michael Castaneda, Eastern Communications VP and Head of Sales, “We know that the local businessmen have dreams to excel in their craft and Eastern is excited to help the Pangasinenses realize these dreams.”

Pangasinan’s Vision for Advancing MSMEs

Pangasinan, renowned for its abundant natural resources and local talent, has a significant potential for expanding its diverse product offerings. According to the Pangasinan Provincial Planning and Development Office², the province’s leading industries encompass manufactured products like furniture, wood products, and metal crafts, with an impressive export value of $168,000.

In the recent Manila FAME trade show, the provincial government of Pangasinan announced its plans to promote its indigenous materials and technology for the international marketability of its MSMEs. With this, the local government of Pangasinan aims to double or even triple the number of their MSMEs moving forward, underscoring the significance of supporting MSMEs for their vital role in economic development and job creation. 

Eastern Communications: Empowering Pangasinan MSMEs

Eastern Communications stands ready to support Pangasinan’s vision to boost its MSME sector. With its business-grade connectivity services and ICT solutions, enterprises of all sizes can avail of necessary tools to guarantee expansion and success. 

Seamless communication is vital for MSMEs to connect with their customers, suppliers, and partners. With this, Eastern tailors its internet solutions to suit the unique needs of each business, ensuring that whether shared or dedicated, connectivity is always a reliable and performance-optimized aspect of their business operations.

For emerging businesses seeking affordable yet dependable connection, Eastern Fiber 1 offers a shared fiber-fast internet service that ensures optimal performance during busy office hours, and with flexible bandwidth options, it can easily adapt to evolving needs.

Meanwhile, for growing enterprises in need of top-tier internet connection, Eastern’s Internet Direct Service (IDS) with speeds up to 10Gbps gives them a dedicated bandwidth, ensuring uninterrupted 24/7 operations.

MSMEs can also thrive by leveraging Eastern’s digital tools, including Cybersecurity, Cloud and Data Services, and Business Applications. These tools enhance productivity, bolster security, and enable effective data management, propelling businesses to reach their goals.

Eastern Communications is poised to aid in accelerating the growth of Pangasinan businesses by providing digitalization tools that enhance day-to-day operations, ensuring a prosperous future for SMEs in the province.

To learn more about Eastern Communications’ world-class services, visit www.eastern.com.ph