Cha-Ching alumna Raine Nakpil shares the transformative power of financial literacy education

Raine Santiago Nakpil, a Communications student at the University of the Philippines-Diliman and an alumna ambassador of the 2016 pilot cohort of the Cha-Ching programme, is a testament to the growth and influence of financial literacy education among young learners.

Her journey demonstrates the transformative power of the globally acclaimed financial education programme, Cha-Ching. Created by Prudence Foundation, the community investment arm in Asia and Africa of Prudential plc, Pru Life UK’s parent company, Cha-Ching was introduced in the Philippines in 2016, together with Junior Achievement Philippines.

The programme comprises animated, music-based cartoons created in collaboration with Cartoon Network Asia and Emmy award-winning Children’s Educational Specialist, Dr. Alice Wilder. It also includes a school curriculum that aims to cultivate positive money values, knowledge, and behaviors in children.

Raine as one of the volunteers during the Cha-Ching one million milestone event.

A Testament to Cha-Ching’s impact

Reflecting on her experience, Raine shares, “One of my fondest memories as a child was watching Cha-Ching on my parents’ old television, during the afternoon when my eleven-year old body was weary and worn from a long morning attending middle school. The upbeat songs have been stuck in my head until now, and I still enjoy hearing my favorite characters enthusiastically sing “Earn, Save, Spend, and Donate” over and over again. Those little tunes, uncomplicated yet infinitely meaningful, have shaped me in terms of how I approach my financial management eight long years later.”

Cha-Ching not only foregrounds the importance of financial literacy but illustrates the multitude of benefits of instilling these principles in young learners’ minds, providing them with the tools they need to make informed financial decisions at a young age.

Programmes like Cha-Ching therefore play a pivotal role in making financial education accessible and engaging for children by integrating fun and relatable characters into the learning process.

“I still credit Prudence, the epitome of being empowered despite her unassuming demeanor, for my goal to be financially independent. I hear Charity urging me to give back to the people and communities who have made me the person I am. I recall Justin, telling me to save up for the future. I remember all six Cha-Ching characters, who helped demystify finances for me. What started as simple lyrics have transformed into values I live by today,” Raine adds.

Expanding Cha-Ching’s Legacy

Prudence Foundation, in partnership with Junior Achievement Philippines, recently celebrated a milestone event for Cha-Ching’s reach of over one million students nationwide who have learned basic money management skills through its financial literacy programme. As of February 2024, Cha-Ching has trained 28,000 teachers nationwide, primarily through its partnership with the Department of Education (DepEd).

The milestone event reflects Pru Life UK and Prudence Foundation’s dedication to building long-term resilience among Filipino families and communities through financial education and inclusion initiatives.

The success of Cha-Ching demonstrates the potential of strategic partnerships in advancing financial literacy nationwide. As highlighted by Sanjay Chakrabarty, President & CEO of Pru Life UK, Cha-Ching’s growth signifies a shift towards integrating financial education into the national curriculum, contributing to a more financially literate society.

Raine expressed her gratitude to the team sharing, “While I recognise that I have been molded by Pru Life UK’s commitment to championing financial literacy, what I would truly like to thank them for is encouraging me to march to the beat of my own drum. However, it is comforting to know that if ever I find myself lost or struggling, I can always return to my Cha-Ching family’s music, who join me in harmony to continue promoting financial responsibility for the youth.”

Today, Raine remains actively involved as a programme volunteer, generously dedicating her time to sharing her knowledge and experience with aspiring young learners.

With the continued support of Pru Life UK, Prudence Foundation, and educational institutions, Cha-Ching remains a cornerstone in equipping young Filipino students with financial literacy skills to build a brighter, more resilient, and more secure financial future.