Bord Bia – Irish Food Board Showcases Sustainable European Dairy during Irish Ministerial Trade Mission to the Philippines

In a significant stride for the “European Dairy – Ireland, working with nature” campaign, Bord Bia – Irish Food Board marked its presence with a groundbreaking Sustainable European Dairy from Ireland trade seminar and networking event at Grand Hyatt Manila. This initiative was a concerted effort to bolster relationships between Irish dairy producers and key stakeholders in the Philippines, including esteemed distributors, importers, and media.

The seminar, graced by the Minister of State for Research and Development, Farm Safety and New Market Development at the Irish Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, H.E. Martin Heydon T.D., highlighted Ireland’s dedication to quality in dairy production.

Notably, the Irish Ambassador to the Philippines, H.E. Mr. William Carlos, emphasized the growing importance of the Philippines in Irish dairy exports. Bord Bia’s CEO, Mr Jim O’Toole, also announced a partnership with Singapore’s Food Innovation and Resources Center (FIRC) to better adapt Irish dairy products for the Filipino market, underscoring Ireland’s commitment to sustainable dairy practices and international cooperation.

The engagement was well-received, with over 60 attendees gaining insights into Europe/Ireland’s role as a leading provider of sustainably produced, high-quality dairy ingredients.

European Dairy Production

Europe is the world’s largest producer of dairy products, known for its diverse, high-quality, sustainable, and strict food safety standards, recognized as some of the strictest in the world. These food safety policies encompass everything from farm to table and are designed to ensure food safety and animal welfare standards, along with clear food source information and labelling.

The following European dairy products from Ireland were showcased during the seminar: Cheese, butter, cooking cream.

Sustainable Dairy from the EU/Ireland

Located on the western edge of Europe, Ireland’s dairy production industry is built on a traditional foundation of family-run dairy farming passed down through generations, with approximately 17,000 family-owned dairy farms. The island benefits from warm water from the Gulf of Mexico flowing through the Gulf Stream, creating a pleasant temperate climate. Abundant rainfall in the region leads to one of the longest growing seasons in Europe, providing ideal conditions for nurturing animals in lush green fields. Thanks to these ideal agricultural conditions, on average, Irish cattle spend 240 days grazing on grass, with 95% of their diet consisting of grass.

In 2022, Ireland produced 8.8 billion liters of milk and exported dairy products to approximately 150 markets worldwide (Source: Bord Bia Performance and Prospect 2022). Not only has production volume increased, but there has also been an increase in the fat and protein content of Irish milk in recent years (Source: Teagasc Agriculture and Food Development Authority).

In 2022, Ireland was ranked number two by the Global Food Security Index (GFSI), which evaluates 113 countries on 58 indicators, considering issues related to affordability, availability, and quality of food, as well as safety standards, natural resources, and resilience.

Ireland exported over 17,170 tonnes of dairy products to The Philippines in 2022, worth over €72 million. Irish dairy exports to the Philippines have maintained their volume levels in the first eight months of 2023.

(Source: Bord Bia

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