BDO Life rolls out enhanced online portal for policyholders

Your life is now online. BDO Life clients can now access their life insurance policy using the BDO Life Customer Portal, where they can also securely pay for their premiums, update their beneficiaries and contact information, and file service requests.

For easier, faster, and more convenient access to one’s insurance portfolio, BDO Life, a fully-owned subsidiary of BDO Unibank, encourages all its individual policyholders to use the BDO Life Customer Portal. Clients can login the customer portal at via their smartphones, tablets, or desktops anytime and anywhere, using their active BDO Online App login information.

BDO Life’s customer portal is a secure gateway for users to review their insurance coverage, note their next premium due dates, and update their beneficiaries and contact details. Users can check their policy values and view their policy’s transaction history, saving them the trouble of having to dial in to BDO Life’s customer call center. To top it all, users can also pay their premiums using BDO Online or their debit/credit cards.

Filling out service requests via the portal makes transacting with BDO Life simpler and easier. This includes scheduling premium payments through BDO Life’s auto charge/auto debit facilities or nominating a BDO account through which insurance benefits can directly be credited.

The BDO Life Customer Portal is a one-stop shop for all concerns related to a client’s individual life insurance policy. 

BDO Life policyholders who don’t have a BDO Online App account yet can sign up and create one by following these steps:

  1. Select Savings Account, Checking Account, or Credit Card.
  2. Enter your preferred username and password, and confirm your login information.
  3. Once sign-up is successful, start using BDO Online.