Asticom CEO honored at 2023 TITAN Women in Business Awards

In a country where female representation in leadership roles remains a challenge, Mharicar ‘Cai’ Castillo-Reyes, President and CEO of the Asticom Group of Companies, emerges as a beacon of inspiration and excellence.

The Asticom Group of Companies, a leading tech-enabled shared services and outsourcing provider within the Globe Group, has been making waves in the business sector. This year, the company’s achievements were highlighted at the TITAN Women in Business Awards 2023.

Under the exceptional guidance of Castillo-Reyes, Asticom clinched two esteemed PLATINUM awards: “Company of the Year” and the “Fastest Growing Company of the Year.”

With such a visionary leader at the helm, Asticom has witnessed remarkable growth and innovation. In its eight years of operation, the company has catered to a diverse range of industries, achieving an impressive milestone of PHP3 billion in revenue. This achievement not only underscores Asticom’s financial success but also its role in generating thousands of job opportunities for Filipinos and aiding the nation’s economic resurgence.

Castillo-Reyes, reflecting on her journey and the broader implications of her achievements, shared, “As women leaders, it is imperative that we embrace our strengths, push the boundaries, and serve as an inspiration to others through our own unique leadership styles. We should lead with unwavering confidence, empathy, and compassion to drive positive change. Let us support and uplift each other in our pursuit of making a significant difference.”

The TITAN Women In Business Awards stands as a testament to the prowess and achievements of women entrepreneurs and leaders. With a steadfast mission to empower and recognize the indomitable spirit of women in business, the awards continue to inspire the new generation to break barriers and make a significant mark in the global business landscape.

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