Aspiring MVP Bossing Glenda Victorio of Brilliant Skin Essentials rises from crisis and thrives

PLDT Enterprise recently launched its MVP Bossing campaign, built on the vision to celebrate accomplished entrepreneurs, highlighting success stories, and inspiring fellow entrepreneurs with business models worth emulating.

The global health pandemic saw most business industries pivot and strengthen their digital landscape. The  campaign with the theme Rediscovery, Reinvention aims to convey a message of hope, to recognize and appreciate local entrepreneurs who took on the challenges their businesses faced, with a vision to successfully thrive in the future.

Aspiring MVP Bossing Glenda Victorio, the young CEO of Brilliant Skin Essentials, has had many learnings brought about by the pandemic. They had to do major adjustments in order to continue their operations and manage their business, a beauty and cosmetics skin care brand known for its whitening, anti-aging, and anti-acne products.

A mother of two boys, Victorio realized during the pandemic that not everything is permanent. “With over 500 employees in Brilliant Skin Essentials, I felt responsible for each one of them. Suddenly, it was not sales I was concerned with, but with the lives of each one of my employees.”

She knew then that putting up her business did not only mean working for herself and her family, but also for her many loyal employees and their families. Being a good leader and boss had to prevail. With the onset of the lockdown, there was still the need to continue operations to ensure that her employees continued making a living.

Everything went to a halt however, when she was diagnosed with COVID-19 in July last year. To make matters worse, her husband and two young boys were also found to be COVID-positive, together with other family members, and some of her employees. Her business operations were greatly affected, with the factory plant closing for two weeks.

“It was an ordeal I wish I did not have to go through. But I guess God was testing me, reminding me of what my priorities should be. With COVID, there was no rich or poor, young or old. Anyone can get it, and you then take stock of life,” Glenda recalls.

With her full recovery after her hospital stay, along with her family members and employees, she put in place the strictest work protocols, reminding her employees of the importance of teamwork to thrive, and of remaining healthy at all times. Being humble is also a plus, because she then knew that nothing is permanent and may be taken away in an instant.

Jovy Hernandez, ePLDT President & CEO and SVP & Head for PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups, admires the resolve of Ms. Victorio in keeping her business afloat. “We at PLDT Enterprise celebrate exemplary work and recognize business leaders who set the bar and equip others with the heart and the mind to continue whatever crisis they are faced with.  As young as Ms. Victorio is, she shows true leadership, mindful of her family and her employees, prioritizing everyone’s health and safety while continuing to serve her countless customers.”

Brilliant Skin Essentials currently has more than 700 distributors and over 40 franchisees, proving that the four-year old skin care company, although faced with extreme challenges during the pandemic, is committed to provide jobs to many people, as Glenda Victorio continues to put her heart, mind, and soul in running her business.

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