Despite Digitalization, Consumers in the Philippines and Singapore Rate Highly Skilled Agents as Key to an Excellent Customer Experience, Amdocs Reports Finds

Amdocs publishes new research emphasizing the enduring role of contact center and retail store agents in ensuring a high-quality customer experience

Recent findings from a research commissioned by Amdocs (NASDAQ: DOX), a leading provider of software and services to communications and media companies, highlights the predominant role of highly-skilled and knowledgeable contact center and retail store agents in delivering superior customer experience. 87% of the consumers interviewed across The Philippines and Singapore have rated highly skilled agents as key to excellent customer experience. Also, the decision makers at  CSPs see agents as pivotal to sales growth (95%) and brand success (75%), despite digitalization and the growing role of AI and unassisted self-service channels.

The Give the Agents Wings report, based on research carried out for Amdocs by Coleman Parks Research, surveyed 3,000 consumers across Asia- Pacific, North America and Europe. 73% consumers in the Philippines and Singapore said they would likely switch brands if they were offered better customer service by another provider – compared to 67% in North America and 70% in Europe.

Agents themselves, however, are often too overwhelmed to provide the ‘wow’ moments that today’s savvy, demanding, empowered consumer expects. They say they are being held back by challenges including the growing number of services on offer (76%), the need to be knowledgeable across multiple products, platforms and technologies (68%) and the increase in customer interactions (40%).

“The Filipino population is tech-savvy and digitally-forward. From ordering goods and services online to resolving issues on live chats, they make most of the digital offerings. Digitalization has transformed customer experiences across the telecom industry, but we cannot discount the critical role of human interaction,” said Deepak Talwar, Regional Vice President and Customer Business Executive, APAC at Amdocs. “We are delighted to announce the launch of Amdocs Customer Engagement that allows contact center and retail store agents to efficiently build and manage customer relationship, providing personalized solutions to consumers and further enabling service providers to improve brand loyalty and boost sales.”

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About the research report
Research for Amdocs’ Give the Agents Wings report was conducted in summer 2021 by Coleman Parkes Research, an independent B2B market research agency. The study used a mixed methodology (phone to web and online surveys) and successfully surveyed 3,000 consumers, 100 customer relationship management (CRM) decision makers in Tier 1 telecommunication companies and 150 of their customer agents, across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. To gain deeper insights beyond the main survey, five agents and five CRM decision makers took part in a series of in-depth interviews. Click here to access the report.