ALLPack Indonesia 2024: Leading Innovations in Packaging & Printing

The rapid growth of food and beverages (F&B) industry, spur the packaging and printing product innovations.International-scale exhibitions organizer Krista Exhibitions is back to hold ALLPack Indonesia 2024 will be held in conjunction with AllPrint Indonesia Expo 2024 at the Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo) center in Kemayoran, Jakarta, from Oct. 09 to 12. The 23nd ALLPack Indonesia 2024 will showcase processing and packaging technology for food, beverages, biscuits, confectionary, pharmaceutical products/drugs, traditional herbal drinks, cosmetics, personal care, beauty, agriculture, electronics, coolers and other related industries. 

Krista Exhibitions Chief Executive Officer Daud D Salim highlighted in a press conference, “This year’s ALLPack Indonesia and AllPrint Indonesia 2024 forecast a 30 percent increase in the number of participants compared to the previous year and over 1,000 companies, will take part and 200 are small-and-medium enterprises [MSMEs], ALL Pack have attracted more than 70,000 local and international visitors and is expected to have more in 2024.” He said the participating exhibitors would hail from Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, India, Germany, France, Italy, China, Austria, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States, among other nations. 

Daud D Salim point out that “Through AllPack Indonesia 2024, we will bring hundreds of professionals in the processing, packaging, automation, in the foods and beverages, pharmacy and cosmetics sectors will meet,” he added. 

Hari Noegroho, Promotion & Partnership Director Indonesian Packaging Federation highlighted in a press conference,” Global packaging market will continue to rise especially in the emerging economies as the consumer are purchasing more things  online which will drive more specific packaging. There will also be greater role in packaging to function to cater the requirement for Food Safety, health concern and  help brand owner to protect against fake and counterfeit products via increased usage technology innovation. On the other hand Companies will address sustainability issue which is driven by demand of more lightweight, convenience and more portable product which requires technology to make it happen.  Packaging demands are changing to be Smarter, Better , Safer, Faster, Cheaper, Greener to fulfil the change in consumer behavior nowadays. IPF has an optimism that Indonesian packaging industry will continue to experience steady growth through the year by 3-4%” said Hari Noegroho

The success of AllPack Indonesia and AllPrint Indonesia 2024 sincerely support by Indonesian ministers, associations and agencies of the relevant industries.They include the Indonesian Industry Ministry, the Indonesian Trade Ministry,the Indonesian Office of the Indonesian Coordinating Economic Minister, the Indonesian Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry, the Indonesian Packaging Federation (IPF), the Indonesian Graphics Companies Association (PPGI), the Indonesian Corrugated Cardboard Association (AKKGI), the Indonesian Plastic Weaving Assortment Association (GIATPI), the Indonesian Logistics Association (ALI), the Indonesian Cooler Chain Association (ARPI), the Indonesian Food and Beverage Producers Association (GAPMMI), the Indonesian Pharmacy Association (GP Pharmacy), the Pharma Materials Management Club (PMMC), the Indonesian Fisheries Product Marketing and Processing Company Association (AP5I), the Indonesian Plastics Recycling Association (ADUPI), the Indonesian Cosmetics Producers Association (PPAK) and the Indonesian Exhibition Company Association (ASPERAPI). The upcoming exhibition are welcoming promineut business player engaged in the packaging and printing industries. We welcome collaboration with relevant Association, Institutions in the ASEAN to invite their members to take part at ALL Pack as exhibitors or visitors.

AllPack Indonesia specially launched Business Matching Program. Professional visitors will be invited based on procurement requirement, and one-to-one match-making service will be offered. Our business matching activities are specifically designed to help you connect with the right and prominent people in the packaging and printing industries, fostering valuable relationships that can lead to successful business partnerships.​

The exhibition is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Visitors are invited to register directly at the exhibition venue by submitting two name cards and an invitation that Krista Exhibitions has sent or register online at the following links: