Allianz PNB Life officially launches new insurance campaign, advocates for financial empowerment among youth in recent webinar

Allianz PNB Life continues to champion financial literacy and empowerment, this time among the Filipino youth, by coming out with a webinar entitled “Add to Life Bago Add to Cart: How to Protect and Enjoy your Adult Life”. The webinar was held last May 20, Friday, via Zoom.

The webinar was hosted by Harmony Adiao, with entrepreneur, social media creator, and beauty queen Ayn Bernos and Allianz PNB Life Lead for Agency Transformation Melissa Del Rosario as keynote speakers. Allianz PNB Life President and CEO Alexander Grenz also took part by opening the webinar with his insights on the growth of the company, and what the company plans to do to help Filipinos in securing their future.

“Our vision has always been to become the insurance partner of choice for Filipinos throughout their life journey. This vision remains relevant more than ever,” said Grenz. “Fortunately, there is a greater awareness of the importance of having adequate protection among households, and we are more than ready to respond to such needs.”

“Today’s event is in support of our company’s mission to serve as LifeChangers who secure the future of our customers through solutions that are simple, fair and sustainable,” he added. “True to our corporate DNA, we [also] support advocacies [such as] youth empowerment, sustainable mobility and financial inclusion.”

Allianz PNB Life also simultaneously launched its latest insurance product, Allianz Protect, during the webinar. Allianz Protect is a comprehensive insurance solution with a variety of coverages that can fit customers’ needs and budget. For every policy purchased, Php 500 will be donated to the World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines’ (WWF-PH) Food Shed Farming Enterprise Project.

Meanwhile, Adiao, Bernos and Del Rosario facilitated a discussion about financial independence, and what young Millennials and Gen Z-er’s ought to do in order to achieve that.

“It is quite hard to figure it out, especially if you are navigating adulthood…you go from college to finally earning a salary [and you ask yourself], ‘well, this is perfect, but what do I do with it?’,” said Bernos.

Bernos shared her personal journey on learning how to manage her money, and enumerated them for the audience. “One of the first things I’d ever done was pay off any debt…afterwards, [I built] my emergency fund. No matter how comfortable you get, no matter how lucrative your business is, your employment is, you still need to have an emergency fund. [The last one is] living below your means. Always know what your numbers are.”

“We’re playing the long game here,” supplied Adiao. “I guess that’s what the title really wants to say, too, right? Adding to life is the long term way of doing things, while adding to cart is just short term satisfaction. I think it’s important for everyone to realize.”

Del Rosario, on the other hand, offered her own insights as a millennial who works as part of the insurance industry.

“It’s really investing in yourself before anything else. You really have to be very smart about the things that you purchase, especially when you’re not really sure what the future holds,” stressed Del Rosario. “[Allianz PNB Life] really focuses our operations [and] our products on the customer. So what we see in the market, and what needs to be seen in the market is what we choose to solve.”

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