Allianz PNB Life Extends Availability of Wealth Building Product STEP UP 7

Wealth building and wealth protection are two important aspects to consider given the current economic situation in the country. It is important for Filipinos to boost their savings and ensure that their assets grow, so that they are protected for their future needs. 

Allianz PNB Life (AZPNBL) remains committed to its purpose of securing more Filipinos by helping them build wealth as their protection and legacy to their families through its STEP UP 7 financial product. STEP UP 7 stands for Short-Term Endowment Plan with Uniform Payouts. It is a single-pay, non-participating endowment life insurance plan that matures in 7 years.

Stable income stream

The STEP UP 7 is ideal for individuals who want to add another stable and guaranteed stream of income to boost their savings while enjoying the benefits of insurance coverage. The plan offers guaranteed protection, maturity benefits, and an additional annual payout of 3.25% for 7 years. 

Since its launch in 2019, it has garnered the attention of customers becoming one of the most availed products of AZPNBL. Its popularity among customers led to the roll-out of the product’s third tranche with an allocation of 2 billion pesos. 

AZPNBL opened the third tranche in May 2023 with an adjusted coupon rate to adapt to current market trends and prevailing yield rates. It garnered even faster sales due to the attractive coupon rate offered to both new and repeat customers.

Opportunity to build a legacy

Given its success, AZPNBL has decided to extend the STEP UP 7 offer starting January 15, 2024, until supplies last. This extension allows more customers to avail of this plan and take advantage of its benefits of boosting their savings. 

Allianz PNB Life Chief Product Provider Officer Leo Tan, Jr. says, “I am immensely proud and excited to reintroduce our special proposition, STEP UP 7. It is tailored specifically to the unique financial needs and preferences of Filipinos and is designed to provide guaranteed savings and protection for those seeking medium to long-term financial solutions.

Our proposition includes a guaranteed payout feature that allows customers to save up over time with the additional payout every year, while providing a level of protection with insurance coverage. This ensures that Filipinos can achieve financial stability and security while they work towards their financial goals. We understand the importance of financial security for Filipinos, and we have designed the STEP UP 7 propositions with this in mind. We take into account the long-term outlook and affinity of Filipinos towards financial planning, ensuring that our proposition aligns perfectly with their needs.”

The STEP UP 7 product is exclusively available to PNB customers. Find out more about the product through AZPNBL Life Changers by visiting the nearest PNB branch.