ADsystems@35: Digital innovations will further re-shape branding industry

With a track record of over three decades in creativity and connecting brands with their customers, Advertising Systems International, or ADsystems, sees a communications landscape that continues to be transformed by digital media and new technologies. These tools have scaled up the abilities of agencies like ADsystems to build brand equity and growth for clients in a vastly evolving and competitive industry.

“When we started out, much of the work was done by hand. This included drafting, creating layouts and mockups, and developing photos. Automation and innovations through the years have enhanced our service delivery through new processes in developing content, production techniques, brand activation events, and optimized utilization of various media channels,” said ADsystems President and CEO Peachy Buñag.

ADsystems is celebrating its 35th year of operations this June, having been formed in 1988 as part of the integrated marketing and communications group Systembrand. The full-service advertising agency has worked with some of the Philippines’ most prominent companies from various industries such as banking and finance, consumer goods and food services, creating brand identities, communications campaigns, and providing a digital marketing platform for its clients through the years.

In 2018, ADsystems integrated its digital marketing arm into its operations through DigiADsystems, effectively connecting brands to their markets via online modes, thereby increasing clients’ brand awareness through social media brand differentiation.

Together with content marketing that focuses on creating and distributing valuable content across a wide range of channels and platforms, the agency’s digital marketing operations have ultimately driven profitable customer action. It has also ventured into Artificial Intelligence (AI) mechanics, particularly in creating imagery, graphics, and even User Generated Video for advertising campaigns.”

“New technology-driven businesses require that agencies adapt quickly to changes in their needs and requirements. These imperatives must be put within a contextual framework for agencies to better understand clients’ expectations and directions. We, therefore, need to work together not only to address adequately their goals through well-managed, regulated technology but to maximize on its innovative potential as well,” said ADsystems Brand Marketing and Creative Director Paolo Buñag.

He added that they will continue to rely on the synergies created by its parent Systembrand Group to offer clients a complete package of branding and communications services that tailor-fits, attunes, and executes campaigns with “efficiency, skill, and dedication.”

Joining ADsystems under the Systembrand umbrella are Design Systemat, one of the Philippines’ leading corporate and brand identity design firms since its establishment in 1970, and Investor Relations Global (IRG), an investor and public relations consultancy firm focused on stakeholder relations and strategic corporate communications for multinational clients.