10 Epic eCommerce innovations Lazada pioneered in the Philippines

Lazada, Southeast Asia’s eCommerce pioneer, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and as more Filipinos adopt eCommerce, the platform aims to continue to be an integral and trusted part of Filipinos’ everyday lives by championing innovations that empower shoppers to find what they are looking for, and uplifting sellers and brands to build their businesses online.

For Lazada seller and YouTuber Beth Tan, the platform enabled her fashion and accessories business to diversify and thrive even during the pandemic. As the owner of Chic and Savvy, she recounts how they even launched face masks and a swimwear line to address the evolving needs of customers.

Also an eCommerce content creator, Ms. Tan shares insights on how onboarding on Lazada opens up additional strategies and resources for businesses to thrive, such as dynamic pricing, powerful placements, and store customizations. She shares that these have helped her retain and even grow her customer base during the pandemic lockdowns. “Lazada has been our business’ lifeline, helping us to grow the business further.”

Joining campaigns on Lazada has helped to drive more traffic to our online store; for fellow newcomers to eCommerce, the tools and tips from Lazada University have been so helpful.” she added.

Aside from bringing more opportunities for brands and businesses to engage with more customers across the region, the platform also ensures eCommerce is accessible and convenient for all Ka-Lazadas.

Let’s get in the Lazada time machine and walk down memory lane to celebrate some of the key milestones and breakthrough innovations throughout the years.

10 epic ways Lazada changed the eCommerce game in the Philippines

  1. First eCommerce platform to offer Cash on Delivery (COD). Lazada was the first platform to offer customers the convenience of COD back in 2012, when internet shopping was still a novelty in the country. Today, Lazada shoppers can purchase products and services from Lazada through electronic transactions with Lazada Wallet that is compatible with several leading payment options.
  2. Established automated sortation centers to provide faster deliveries across the country. Lazada established its very first state-of-the-art, automated sortation center in the Philippines, equipped with automated conveyor systems, in Taguig in 2013. Since then, Lazada Philippines has expanded with a total three centers located strategically nationwide.
  3. Developed AI-powered customer service tools for 24-hour support. Lazada launched its very own AI-powered chatbot CLEO on the platform, to provide speedy and reliable customer support around the clock.
  1. Established LazMall, a virtual mall on Lazada that guarantees 100% legit items from brands. Launching in 2018, LazMall, Lazada’s very own virtual mall within its platform, guarantees 100% legit products from leading brands and sellers here and abroad.

Today LazMall has grown to over 8,000 brands and sellers, from Electronics and Fashion to Personal Care and Home & Living, and everything in between.

On LazMall, consumers can shop for gadgets from global electronics brandsAsus  and Logitech; pick out an outfit from Converse and Nike; pamper themselves with Maybelline and Kiehl’s; upgrade their homes with Locaupin and Tefal; and even grab exclusive deals from a variety of products from Lazada’s Global Collection from mobile phones by POCO to cosmetics from Lanbena Beauty.

  1. Pioneered Shoppertainment with in-app livestreaming and interactive games. Lazada was the first eCommerce platform to offer in-app livestreaming and interactive mini games to connect, engage, and entertain shoppers in real time.

During 2021’s 11.11 Biggest One-Day Sale, Lazada’s Super Show received 5.3 million views across all platforms from the Philippines alone, enabling thousands of Filipinos to watch product demonstrations, engage with their favorite influencers, and even access exclusive content like concerts, gameshows, and even pageant shows in the comfort of their own homes!

  1. Brought enhanced convenience through image and voice search features. Lazada launched image and voice search features on its app in 2019, allowing users the ease of finding similar products on the platform, simply by taking a photo or using their voices.
  2. Enabled Ka-Lazadas ease of bills payment on the platform. Lazada launched bills payment on its platform in 2019, providing consumers greater flexibility and convenience in their day-to-day lives by providing a safe and convenient channel to make bill payments across utilities, internet and telco, and other services.
  3. Lazada launched LazadaForGood, the first-ever Digital Giving platform by an eCommerce player in the Philippines. In 2019, Lazada partnered with 11 local and international advocacy partners, and has since grown to house over 27 NGOs under LazadaForGood on the Lazada platform, enabling Filipinos to make digital donations to support causes and their community through a safe and secure online platform.
  4. Opened up more job and creative opportunities in the community with LazTalent. Established in 2020, LazTalent is Lazada’s very own content creation platform open to all Ka-Lazadas. Through LazLive, Lazada’s in-app livestreaming channel, the program invites everyone, from online shoppers and brand aficionados to aspiring influencers and content creators, to highlight their favorite products, build a following, and even earn extra income from paid collaborations.

According to Bianca Jacinto, one of the winners of the LazTalent: Laz Get Famous Reality Show she was inspired to join the platform’s Shoppertainment bootcamp and reality show during the pandemic as a means to earn extra income and create content. “I was always a stream viewer on LazLive, but never the host, but with the help of my super-bubbly coach Tin Gamboa and the rest of Team Wipeout, I underwent the coolest Shoppertainment Bootcamp one could ever have.” she says.

“Nowadays, I carry the healthy pressure of being a part of the Shoppertainment community. With each move I make in the stream, I make sure that I always try something new; to discover the reaches of this locally-fresh format, and to show the new things I can bring to the viewers.” she adds.

  1. Introduced same-day eCommerce delivery in Metro Manila. Lazada launched same-day deliveries in 2021, to enable shoppers in Metro Manila to purchase selected items and receive them on the same day.

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